August 2006

Lavender House
clearing the attic with Nicky

in the office

Red Cross
destination for the usable

the tip
destination for the unusable

no furniture

hear no evil ...

the boys
no chairs

dinner time

den in the park


Will & James

Scolty hill
General Burnet's tower

Pat arriving at
the Burnett Tower


Lavender House

the Palace

wedding at the Palace

the Town House


up to the Study
and the Abbey

the Market Cross

the Study

the Bishop's study

painted ceiling

the Abbey

up to see the refectory

Grangemouth refinery

with coal train destined for

Longannet Point
power station

Preston Island

small tortoiseshell

around the
Valleyfield lagoons
(power station ash depository)

empties returning to Ayr
for more Polish coal

The Falkirk Wheel

lifting boats

Ettrick Marshes
near Selkirk

Glen Ettrick

bird hide!

Meadow Brown

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Image: Canon IXUS i; web reduction with Photothumb