Jordan & Petra

April 2008

Heathrow, Terminal 3
Moiré Sculpture

Andant Travel Group
pictured in Petra

Iraq al Emir (Cave of the Prince) ...

... probably Neolithic
2000 BC

The temple (palace)
Qasr al-Abd

Hellenistic Period
French reconstruction, 1980

Pomegranite Tree

"Stop & Shop"
on the way to the Dead Sea
photo: Cate Phillips

The Dead Sea

Polly Williamson

Christine Waddell & Richard Shaw

"therapeutic mud"
with Polly &
Margaret & George Laing

our Jordanian Tour Manager
Odeh al Shabaki

Biblical river crossing

Umm Qais
Roman City

Entrance to the theatre ...

at Umm Qais
with Polly Williamson

Terrace Colonade

Roman shops

Golan Heights
from Umm Qais

Basalt doorway ..

...can be pushed with the hand

ancient Gerasa
mainly Roman

Hadrian's arch

the Oval Plaza

the Colonade Street

South Decumanus

Sanctuary of Artemis

the Andante Group

one of eight species

South Decumanus
from the West

the Oval Plaza

Jordanian Pipe Band ...

in the South Theatre

Temple of Zeus


Amman Museum and Citadel

Hercules' hand

Neolithic figures (4000 BC)

Atagartis, Nabatean Godess
ca100 AD

Iron Age figure

200 AD
Roman copy of a Greek statue

model of a dome of a bath
ca600 AD

Amman Citadel


Tallest flagpole in the world!

Hercules flying over his temple
(actually a C5 Galaxy)


crested lark

Roman Theatre


St George's Church
the Church of the Map

picture of the Mosaic map
of the Middle East

Odeh al Sabaki (Tour Manager) & Nick Jackson (Guide)

the Map


the Jordan river

Dead Sea

Egypt & the Nile

St George
iin his church

more mosaics
in the Madaba Museum

Roman pavement

Mount Nebo
Moses's burial place

more mosaics



monument to Pope Paul's visit

Umm al-Jimal ...

... Mother of camels ...

... the basalt city
a Hellenistic/Nabatean trading town

the South-West church

revealing ...

... a mosaic

arches and ceilings ...

... built with ...

basalt slabs

relieving arch

Nicolas Jackson
our Andante guide


slab staircase

the desert


Roman, Arabic, Crusaders
and Lawrence

inside the fort

slab ceilings

the gate

evocative road sign

Qasr al Amra ...


... 8th Century Arab monument ...

... with murals and frescoes

one of the earliest star charts

Qasr Kharaneh ...

8th Century Isalamic fortress

the gatehouse

on the way to Petra ...

... the Wadi Al Mujib
Jordan's Grand Canyon

Al Mujib dam & lake

Resevoir & dam
photo: Chris Waddell

Kerak ...

... Crusader Castle
built 1136

entrance hall

Ash Shawback
Crusader Castle

the Rose-Red city
Nabatean Capital ca 300 BC

Petra from the hotel terrace

from the hotel
photo: Cate Phillips

by the pool
photo: Cate Phillips

introducing a "God Block"

entrance to the Siq

in the Siq

first glimpse of the ...

... Treasury

The Treasury Tomb
carved from the rock, not built

within the tomb

Petra transport

tomb facades

photo: George Laing

the High place with tombs

the Great Temple

Qasr el Bint
temple to Pharaoh's daughter

the Monastery

beginning the climb

the Monastery ...

...carved from the rock
not built

Aoron's tomb
on the mountain above the viewpoint

the hills round Petra

the Monastery again

further Petra transport

Aloe Vera

the route down

Petra from the Monastery canyon

the Royal Tombs

the Treasury
on the walk out

the Obelisk tomb

next day
"just" another tomb

the High Place

climbing up

rock striations

the climbing group (clockwise from Pat)
Christine Waddell, Alex Lucetti (manager),
Richard Shaw, Ian Reynolds, Nick Jackson (guide), Ken Wilbraham, Jeremy Waddell, Janet Sampson, Margaret Laing, Peter, George Laing, Helen Sant, Graham Shenton


on the sacrificial altar

looking down ...


... into Petra


castle wall

carved from the underlying rock

local goat

more striations

persistent trinket seller

with Margaret & George Laing
photo: George Laing

lion monument...

... with donkey

The Garden Temple

Soldier tomb

the Soldier Tomb Triclinium, opposite

inside the Triclinium of the soldiers' tomb

unfinished tomb

The winged lion temple

Cecelia and Graham Shenton

Mosaics ...

in the Winged Lion Temple

leaving the Siq
after walking up out of Petra

Beidha ...


... a Neolithic site

Little Petra
Siq el-Bared

near the entrance

the Siq


fresco figure of a cupid

"God Block"


entrance to another cistern


Neolithic Remains
iin a village underway

Wadi Rum

waiting for transport
with Margaret Laing & Avril Shaw
photo: George Laing

Hejaz Railway ...

... Damascus to Medina ...

...Lawrence's frequent target in 1917

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
near Wadi rum

Lawrence's tree

early inscriptions

On the desert route to Aqaba

cleft in the mountain ...

... with early pictograms

the mountains ...

... in the desert

camel caravan
for tourists

Tiger moth

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