an Archaeological Tour, October 2011

Pat's Diary
Derek Milton's Account

October 2011

Giergji Skanderbeg
Skanderbeg Square

Re-modelling Skanderbeg Square, from the Hotel

Puppet Theatre

Government building
built by King Zog

The Mosque and a new construction

Hotel Tirana
where we stayed

The Mosque of Ethem Bey

The Minbar

The Mihrab (the niche), indicating the direction of Mecca

The new Orthodox Cathedral

The Cathedral from the hotel

The National Museum

Chekhov portrait

Socialist Realism
with Oliver in action

Enver Hoxha in action

A Partisan

Factory worker

Relegated statues ...

... Lenin ...

...Stalin ...

The River Lana

The Archaeological Museum
Greek bust

Greek Inscription

Tirana University

Mother Theresa

Boulevard of the Martyrs

The Hoxha funeral pyramid

The new tower block
from the hotel at dawn

The Parliament Building

The Ottoman Bridge

The Roman Catholic Cathedral

October 2011

Oliver in action

Cold war bunkers on a distant hill

Temple of Artemis (4th Century BC)

Monument to Apollo

Ther Agora (2nd Century AD)

Preying mantis

The Odeon (2nd Century AD)

along the Stoa (4th Century BC)

currrent excavations

Here for wedding photos

The bridal couple

The Byzantine Monastery of St Mary

in the church

Chapel in the wall

former fresco

lunch at Vlora

The Llogara Pass

restaurant on the summit

the coastal road

approaching sunset


Cruise ship stopping to re-provision

October 2011

Venetian Fort

The Greek Town

Entrance to the baths

A fountain

The Theatre

Hypocaust for the baths



Ilya and Oliver
demonstrating Roman dining postures

The Roman Triconch Palace

The Baptistry

The hidden mosaic

Entrance to the Gymnasium

A fountain

The Basilica

Gateway through the defensive wall

The Lion Gateway

Lion attacking a bull


The Fort (lunch)

in the museum

leaving the Fort

Across the river to the ...

... Venetian Triangular Fort

Fort viewed from Butrint

Part of the group
Michael, Diana, Judith, Sue, Marjorie, Derek, Catherine , hidden by Anna, Anne, Pamela, Patricia, Jennifer, Bryony, Val, Oliver, Moyna

with Peter

Mark & Patricia

unknown common plant

Storm clouds

October 2011

The Citadel from the Zekate House


Coffee House Decorations

Under the Citadel ...

... a cold war nuclear bunker

Within the bunker

Released from the bunker
Michael. Pat, Anna, Anne, Derek, Peter, Catherline, Jenny, Bryony, Pat, Mark, Val, Diana, Moyna, Katherine, Oliver

The Citadel Entrance

The entrance hall

The Great Gallery
National Museum of Arms

italian Fiat Tank

A Partisan memorial (Odise Pascali)

Gjirokastra in the rain
from the Citadel ramparts

British naval guns
background: a captured Lockheed Shooting Star

The Citadel from the town

The Zekate House
Ottoman, 1811


Venetian windows

Reception room

Second reception room showing the women's gallery

The fireplace in a further reception room

The complex roof truss, supporting the stone roof

The upper terrace

Partisan martyrs

October 2011

The Monastery Church of St Nicolas

October 2011

Vjosa river valley with, in the distance, Karaburuni peninsular

Byllis archaeological site; House B

The arsenal


near the baths

Basilica C

Vjosa valley from the site

Meadow Brown

The Theatre

The audience

Pamela and Peter

Alison, Katherine, Michael, Marjorie and Sue

Mark and Pat, Moyna, Anna

Val, Maureen, Jenny, Bryony, Pat, Derek, Catherine, Anne, Diana

The Performer: Olive rdemonstrating the accoustics

Through the ...

... perimeter wall

The Cathedral Complex

Remains of storage jars

A restored jar

One of the many oil rigs near Ballashi
,from the bugbitten website

Some of the thousands of defensive bunkers throughout Alabania
from the Pixilandwebsite

October 2011

The Kings Mosque

Prayer School

The "motel" - travellers' accomodation at the Mosque

The ceiling

The Women's Gallery

The Mihrab and the Minbar

The Prayer School ceiling

The Bachelor's Mosque

The Mihrab

The Mangalem Quarter with the Citadel above

St Michael's Church

from above

The Citadel gate

within the Citadel

St Mary's Cathedral (17th century)

The Nave


in the Sanctuary

The pulpit

St Mary Blachernae (shut)


Constantine's Head (copy of the Roman monolith)

Holy Trinity Church


Mount Partizani

Comma Butterfly

Minaret of the Red Mosque

The University
seen from the Citadel

Footbridge to ...

... Gorica

The University with the hotel (bottom left)


Back at the gate

Visit to an Ottoman house

our guide

... translated by Ilya

A reception room

a family room

Statue in the hotel garden

October 2011

A central archaeological site

A late colonnaded piazza

The Amphitheatre within the modern city

10th Century Mosaics

a former enormous entrance



A late Roman wall

A monument to the partisans

October 2011

The bazaar

Up to the castle

from the castle

The Skanderbeg Museum

from the Museum Roof
The Ottoman House

The modern town

The Ottoman House

the courtyard


Olive crusher

Press for Olive Oil

A colourful chest

Thanks on behalf of the group to our guides, with
Oliver, Anna, Bryony, Michael, Anne

Peter, Sue, Marjorie, Val, Jenny

Derek, Pat, Mark, Catherine, Pamela, Ilya, (Alison: hidden), Maureen

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