Russian Cruise

Moscow to St Petersburg, May 2013


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   Pushkin, May 2013    Viking Map
The Viking Ingvar at the
Moscow Northern Port
Viking Invar, 2013 Moscow - Volga Canal, 2013
 Moscow    Moscow State University, 2013    Peter the Great, 2013
 Red Square, Moscow    Marshall Zhukov 2013    Gum store, 2013    
 St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow    St Basil's, May 2013    St Basil's, May 2013    
 Kremlin, Moscow    Church of the Nativity, 2013    The Tsar Canon, May 2013    
The Arbat, Moscow     The Arbat, May 2013    The Arbat, May 2013    
The Moscow Metro     Metro, May 2013    Metro, May 2013    
 Moscow Volga Canal            
Uglich Uglich, May 2013 Uglich, 2013
 Yaroslavl    Yaroslavl, 2013    Yaroslavl, 2013    
Kirrilov School and the
Kirrilov-Belozersky Monastery
Kirrilov Monastery, 2013 Kuzino School Painting 2013
Kizhi: the wooden churches Kizhi, 2013 Kizhi, 2013
Mandrogy and the Svir Mandrogy, 2013 The Svir, 2013
The Svir river
St Petersburg
The Hermitage
   Murrilo, 2013    Murrilo, 2013    
The Catherine Palace
Tsarskoe Selo
   Catherine Palace, 2013    Catherine Palace, 2013    
St Petersburg
Fortress of St Peter
and St Paul 
   Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul    Peter the Great    
St Petersburg Boat Trip     Nicholas 1st, 2013    The Fortress of St Peter and St Paul, 2013    
A Walk in St Petersburg     Cathedral on the Spilled Blood    Nevsky Prospect, May 2013    
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