Scottish Cruise, May/June, 2017

First Stop: Glasgow by train
May 2017

The University

Enjoying the sunshine on the River Kelvin

The Kennedy memorial
Kelvingrove Park

Field Marshall Lord Roberts

University from the Roberts Statue

The Kelvingrove Museum from the Roberts Statue

The Memorial to the Highland Light Infantry

Statue of Kelvin himself!

Statue of Lord Lister

Kelvingrove Museum
Centre Hall

Kelvingrove Museum
West Court

Japanese Armour

Dali: Christ of St John of the Cross

Kelvingrove Museum
East Court

The Art Galleries

Van Gogh

Waiting for the Organ Recital


Grandson Will with Grandma

Will demostrating "slack lining" in Kelvingrove Park

Not the recognised method

Tight lining

Stop 2: Oban and the Beginning of the cruise

Looking West

Oban Harbour

A ferry arriving

Harbour Entrance Light


The nearer islands ferry from our bedroom in the Queen's Hotel

Trying out the Jacuzzi

The Outer Hebrides Ferry

The Proud Seahorse, our boat

Weighing anchor in Oban

Embarkation: Oban Harbour

The Cruise

The Queen's Hotel

Leaving harbour

Oban Castle

Overnight 1: Loch na Droma Buidhe

Looking for wild life on the Ardnamurchan Peninsular

Success - a Sea Eagle
Photo: Bryan Whichelo

Overnight 2: Tobermory

Proud Seahorse at anchor

Walk along the coast

Towards the open sea

From the far pier

Some of the group: Judi, Catherine, Bryan, Lindsay (Naturalist), Robin


Towards the Ardamurchan Peninsular

The Waverley Paddle Steamer
Last seen from the train opposite Greenock

Setting off North to Kyle

The Cuillin

Along the Sound of Sleat

Skye on the port side, the minland on the starboard

Sandaig Island

Approaching Glenelg

The Glenelg Ferry to Skye

Approaching Loch Alsh

A Ferry

Anchored overnight near Kyle

Approaching the "new" bridge at Kyle

A Scallop Boat, conveying young to a propagation area

Rona for a walk and to anchor overnight

Catherine, Robin & Barbara

Robin, Barabara & Rob, the Skipper

Linday, the Naturalist and Katherine

Judi and Byian


Overlooking the anchorage

Linday and Pat, departing to join the main group

Peter staying with Barbara who preferred not to climb the hill

The main party returning

Skye from the North

Barabara and Rob, the Skipper

and also Ross, the Chef

The Shiant Islands

The Shiants

Approaching Eileen Mhaire

Guillemots and Razorbills

The cliffs of Garbh Eilean

An accident at home. Subsequently, Pat could not go ashore and had to spend a lot of time in bed.

The Puffin Expedition

Barbara and the Chef riding round the bay

The Anchorage from the Puffin Hill
Photo: Catherine Trimby

Testing the Zoom: the arch from the anchorage

Eilean Mhuire

Eilean an Taighe

The Shiants from the South

Puffins and Guillemots

Canna to walk and overnight

At anchor

The old Presbeteryan Church

The old Catholic Church

In the exhibition in the church


A rather larger cruise vessel

With Lindsay, Catherine and Judi on an expedition to see puffins

Katherine's ideal and idyllic cottage

The anchorage

A skua near her nest

The Puffin Stack; the single puffin invisible tin the picture

Early purple orchid, orchis mascuka
All flowers identified by Katherine

Thrift, armeria maritima

Yellow flag iris, iris pseudacorus

The Bridge from Sanday to Canna

The walk

The new catholic church

A real phone box

Ross opening scallops
harvested personally by the Skipper

Rum to walk and anchor overnight

The anchorage and ferry slipway

The optimistic sign


From the otter hide.

Kinloch Castle

Rum Ponies

Scallops for dinner ...

harvested personally by the Skipper, Rob

The Cuillin

Approaching the Cuillins

Loch na Culice

The shore expedition

The usual residents

Early purple orchid, orchis mascuka

Loch na Culice

Loch Coriusk

Sgurr a Mhadaidh

English stonecrop, sedum anglicum

Common butterwort, pinguicula vulgaris

Tormentil, potentilla erecta

Lousewort, pedicularis sylvatica

Thrift, armeria maritima

Birds foot trefoil, lotus coniculatus

Leaving the Cullin

Adnamurchan Point

The Waverly again, also heading for Oban

Pat, waiting to disembark

Oban harbour with the Waverley at the Quay

Our boat, the Proud Seahorse, empty, in the middle at anchor

The train home

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