Riga and Birini Castle

AAQEE workshop

Wedding Anniversary ...

at 4.00 in the morning

Riga: the Freedom Monument

Laima Clock

Powder Tower

Jacob's Baracks

Trotsnu Street

St Jacob's

One of the
"Three Brothers"

Riga Castle


St Peter's tower

Dom church

St Peter's tower

House of Blackheads

St Peter's tower

House of Blackheads

The Riflemen Memorial

vintage car rally

Town Hall

St Peter's tower

Mentzendorff's House

St John's

Jurmula; Majori
Jonas Iela

black headed gulls


Riga Market


on a bridge railing

The Riga Opera

St Peter's tower

Birini Castle

stork's nest

The bridal suite!

Scene of the AAQEE workshop

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