Visits 2015

Visit to Melanie in Kingskerswell
January 2015


with Melanie

from the upper rock

view to the sea

Dartmouth, from Kingswear

Kingswear Station (Dartmouth Steam Railway)

The Lower Ferry

"Our flat" (1979) - blue in the centre

up river

The other ferry boat

Slapton Sands

The American Memorial

Tank, recovered from the sea

The beach at Tor Cross

towards Start Point

Back at Dartmouth
Harbour Entrance

The lower town

Gloucester Cathedral and Docks

The South Entrance

The Nave

The Cloisters

The High Altar

The Nave from the Choir

Tomb of Edward II

Lady Chapel

Modern Glass

The High Altar, through the screen arch

An Alderman's Tomb

The Nave

Norman Pillars

St Nicholas Church

Gloucester Docks

The Earl of Pembroke

Moorcroft Pottery with the Probus Club
May 2015

The Heritage Centre

Trentham Park Lodge
National Garden Day, May 2015

Birmingham, June 2015

St Philip's Cathedral

Windows, by Burne-Jones

Botanic Garden - Swallowtail; just hatched


Munich, June 2015

St Michael's Church

Nymphenburgh Palace

Red Crested Pochards

Botanic Garden: the rose garden

The pool in the formal garden

Ceramic Parrot


The cactus display

Pinakothek der Moderne

Displays of more recent design

Jackdaws, waiting for a bus

The Friedensengel

The Chinese Turm, Englischer Garten

Keele Hall, July 2015

Morton Corbet Castle
July 2015

Morton Corbet Church

Buxton Festival
July 2015

Morris Dancing Display ...

... outside the Opera House

The Stoke Black Molly Group

Barn Owl in a display

A Hawk

A bedraggled Cormorant by the pond

A walk to Solomon's Temple and the railway

A grey Buxton from the Temple

The former Cromford and High Peak Railway

Solomon's Temple from the Railway

The walk

With Richard outside Roseleigh

Little Moreton Hall, with Rebecca
August 2015

The long gallery

The Chapel

Mow Cop with Rebecca

Buxton with Rebecca
August 2015

The Dome

September 2015

Posters for Alban Berg's Opera, Lulu

On the opera promenade

Morning visit to the Oktoberfest

Skyfall - up ...

... down!


Beer Tent : 11.30 AM

Brewery Dray

A further tent

Aerial chairoplane

Schloss Nymphenburg

The Badenburg

The Schloss

Gondola to hire

The Schloss

Museum: Mensch und Natur



Sea birds

Exhibition: Jugen Rose's theatre and Opera Costumes
Bayerische Akademie der Kunst

The Reception Line

Marriage of Figaro

Entrance staicase model, with reflection


Milford on Sea and Hurst Castle
October 2015

Lunch at the Cirencester Roman Amphitheatre

Cirencester Church of St John the Baptist

From the hotel: The Isle of Wight and the Needles

Marine House, Milford

Sunset on Thursday

The Moon and Venus

Dawn on Friday

Sunrise over Sturt Pond and Keyhaven Marsh
from our window

With Brother Frank

Hurst Castle

Saturday sunrise

The approach from the shingle spit

The Tudor Keep

The lighthouse from the Keep

The Victorian extension from the Keep

The shingle spit from the Victorian part

The Solent and the Needles

The ferry to Keyhaven

Leaving the castle


The Westbury White Horse

The White Horse
photographed by Glen Henderson

Following the Horse
photo: Glen Henderson

The RAF Museum, Cosford
with the Probus Club
October 2015

Ted Bowers, Rosalind Hartley, Val Bowers, and John Hartley


(stitched photos)

In the courtyard

A Vulcan

A lightning

A Dakota

The Cold War Building

for the Opera

The Fuerige Engel
Opera Posters

The Opera (Nationaltheater)

Constuction opposite the Opera


Walk along the Isar

Walk along the Isar

Walk in the Englischer Garten
The Chinese Pagoda

The Panopticon
under repair


Sunset on the way home to Manchester

Tewksbury Abbey
on the way to meet Mike and Nicky

An old house in Tewksbury

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