Visits 2018

London visit, January 2018.
Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Exhibits in the exhibition on Whales and Cetaceans

The Hinze Hall with a blue whale skeleton

Full size model of a Blue Whale

Comparison with elephants in the Mammal Gallery

The single tusk of a Narwal

an unusual Narwal double tusk

The Dinosaur Gallery
Tyranosaurus Rex full scale model

Fossil of a Triceratops

Fossil from Lyme Regius discovered by Mary Armstrong

Visit to a usual theatre in London

The London Eye from Westminster Bridge

Big Ben swathed in scaffolding and plastic

From Westminster Bridge

The County Hall, the venue for the play, from Westminster Bridge

The ticket: invitation to jury service!

The centre of the action in the Council Chamber

Munich Opera and Gallery Visit, January 2018

Gabrielle Munte Exhibition: Malen ohne Schweife

Outside the Lenbachhaus

Young Girl

Self Portrait

Forest Path

Steam Shovel Building the new Olympia Road to Garmisch

The Opera

Colourful, unusual - but also unhelpful

Start of Act 3

The Chinese Turm; a cold rainy walk in the Englischer Garten

The refurbished Monopterous

Theatiner Kirche from the Hoff Garten

Kunsthalle Exhibition: Gut Wahr Schon; from the Orsay in Paris

Hofkapelle Concert

Mozart performed here ~250 years ago!

Munich Opera and Garmisch to visit friends
February 2018

Wagner, Gotterdaemmerung

Arrival at the Hotel Quirin

The Wank

Afternoon sun over the Waxenstein

The Kramer

The Alpspitz and the Waxenstein
from the Hotel Quirin

The Alpspitz

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