Visits 2018

London visit, January 2018.
Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Exhibits in the exhibition on Whales and Cetaceans

The Hinze Hall with a blue whale skeleton

Full size model of a Blue Whale

Comparison with elephants in the Mammal Gallery

The single tusk of a Narwal

an unusual Narwal double tusk

The Dinosaur Gallery
Tyranosaurus Rex full scale model

Fossil of a Triceratops

Fossil from Lyme Regius discovered by Mary Armstrong

Visit to a usual theatre in London

The London Eye from Westminster Bridge

Big Ben swathed in scaffolding and plastic

From Westminster Bridge

The County Hall, the venue for the play, from Westminster Bridge

The ticket: invitation to jury service!

The centre of the action in the Council Chamber

Munich Opera and Gallery Visit, January 2018

Gabrielle Munte Exhibition: Malen ohne Schweife

Outside the Lenbachhaus

Young Girl

Self Portrait

Forest Path

Steam Shovel Building the new Olympia Road to Garmisch

The Opera

Colourful, unusual - but also unhelpful

Start of Act 3

The Chinese Turm; a cold rainy walk in the Englischer Garten

The refurbished Monopterous

Theatiner Kirche from the Hoff Garten

Kunsthalle Exhibition: Gut Wahr Schon; from the Orsay in Paris

Hofkapelle Concert

Mozart performed here ~250 years ago!

Munich Opera and Garmisch to visit friends
February 2018

Wagner, Gotterdaemmerung

Arrival at the Hotel Quirin

The Wank

Afternoon sun over the Waxenstein

The Kramer

The Alpspitz and the Waxenstein
from the Hotel Quirin

The Alpspitz

Shrewsbury Abbey
for the St Mark's Mass
Easter 2018

The Abbey

Llandudno Opera Visit
April 2018

Snowdonia from Nebo

Trufan and the Ogwen Valley

Snowdon, left at the rear

The Little Orme, from Llandudno Pier

WNO Programme

Tosca and La Forza del Destino

Walk up the Orme. The pier from Happy Valley

The Pier and the Victoria Monument

The Little Orme from above the ski slope

As high as we went

The tram down! at the passing place.

The valley station

The Bala Lake Railway
on the way home from Llandudno
April 2018

Bala Station

Waiting for the train.


Shunting round the train

Coupling up the "Holy War" for the journey back

The other end: Llanuwchllyn station

Our engine

Coupled up, ready to return to Bala

At Bala, uncoupled

Oiling, ready for the return

Munich for the opera
May 2018

The Frauenkirche

Marienplatz: the Toy Museum

The Neue Rathaus

The Opera: Lucretia Borgia, with Edita Guberova

In the park at Schlloss Nymphenburg

The Monopterous

The Great Cascade

The Grand Canal

Canada Goslings

Coupled six-spot Burnets

Glorious Lilac


The Schloss

The Amalienburg Palace

The rear




The front of the Schloss

North Wales with the North Staffordshire Classics Association

The Llangollen Railway

Departing for Corwen

St Tadclud's Church, Penmachno

The Penmachno Stones

Andy Fear, our Guide

The group
photo: Chris Wain

Near Llanberis

Dollbadarn Castle

Llyn Peris

with Stephen Clifford, Robert Smith and Chris Wain

photo: Chris Wain

photo: Chris Wain

Llyn Padarn


The fundations of a barracks block

Andy instructing
photo: Chris Wain

photo: Chris Wain

Andy in full flight, pursued by Pat
photo: Chris Wain

Caernarfon Castle on a celebration day

The river from the castle

Lloyd George

St Asaph Cathedral

Carving in the Choir Stalls

The Patron Saints of St Asaph's

The Translater's Memorial

Munich for the opera and a Diamond Celebration
June 2018

Biergarten, Orleansplatz

The Chinesisches Turm, Englisches Garten

The Rose Garden

The Monopteros, Englisches Garten

Egyptian Geese

With Paul Dutro, before the opera

With Christa

Happy weekend

Attingham Park
Probus Visit
June 2018

The rear of the Hall

The Hall Kitchen

Shrewsbury river trip
with Probus
June 2018

The Quantum Leap Statue

The Welsh Bridge

With John Pedley

With Audrey

The Welsh Bridge

The English bridge

the Cruise Boat

Stoke-on-Trent City Museum
with Rebecca Warnecke, June 2018

Arnold Bennett, the Author

Reginald Mitchell
the Designer of the Spitfire

Commemoration of the steel industry

The Cow Creamers

Lowry Paintings

Dressing up

Pat and Rebecca

Palleas and Melisande
CBSO Concert Performance
June 2018

Symphony Hall

The Curtain Call

North York Moors
August 2018

On the way: Tapton Lock, Chesterfeild

Sevenford House, where we stayed

The Rosedale Annual Show

Remarkable markings

Remarkable Guineapig

Colourful rabbit

Enormous chicken

The Magic show

Judging the heavy horse mares

Mare and foal


The Pickering Model Railway Exhibition

OO gauge

N gauge

Pickering Castle

The Outer wall

The Chapel

The ascent to the Mound

Diate Hill Tower

From the tower

The NYM Railway to Whitby and back

The train arriving from the North in Pickering

On the way north across the moors

Repton at Grossmont

Approaching Whitby

Our engine, going round the train for the next service

Whitby with the Abbey

The Harbour

Out to sea

James Cook

The North beach - Beach Huts

Cook looking at the Abbey

The engine going round the train prior to our start south

For the last train - a change of engines at Grossmont

A B1 in the Pickering yard

Walk on the Moor to Ana Cross

The Bank Top Ore Roasting Kilns

Ana Cross

The remains another cross

Passing Ana Cross on the way back

Castle Howard

The North Front of the House

The North Lake

The Antiques Passage

The Ceiling of the dome from the Great Hall beneath

From the indow: the Atlas Fountain

A Delft Tulip Vase in the Museum Room

The Long Gallery

The Chapel

The Chapel Ceiling

The Atlas Fountain

The South front of the House

The Tower of the Winds

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum over the New River Bridge

The South Front from the South Lake

Probus Visit to see the Terracotta Army in Liverpool

St George's Hall


The City Library, looking upwards

The World Museum

The exhibition of Terracotta Warriors

The model chariot

The Warriors

Smaller Warriors


Farm Animals

The Golden Horse

China's First Emperor
Qin Shi Huang

Cheerful in the sun
Photo: Diane Leopard

Copenhagen to visit Nicky and Mike
September 2018

with Mike and Nicky

Heron, opposite the apartment

The State Museum of Art

Photo: Mike

At the Copenhagen Opera House
Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

The Fredrickeskirche across the harbour
Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

The auditorium
Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Taken to Il Travatore by Mike and Nicky

The final curtain
Photo: Mike

Embarkation for a Harbour Cruise aboard a self- steered electric boat

The Cirkelbroen Bridge

St Nicholas Church

The Old Stock Exchange

The Opera House

The Old Stock Exchange

Nicky with the Church of our Saviour

Fredriksborg Castle

Fredrik ?

Michael !

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Photo: Mike

Evening on the Sortedams Sløe, from the Apartment


The Museum of Modern Art; rear

The Museum of Modern Art; front

Marooned chairs

A brave lady, sitting on a marooned chair!

The Heron again on the Sortedams Sløe

Visiting Marion and Hendrik in Ordrup
Photo: Peter Wulf

Visiting Kath Glover near Pangbourne and my brother, Frank, at New Miilton

The Thames by Pangbourne Meadow

Embarking at Key Haven

En route to Hurst Castle

The Isle of Wght from Hurst Castle

Key Haven from the shingle beach walk

Frank at lunch

With Frank

Cricklade, St Sampson's Church

Llandudno Opera Visit
October 2018

Snowdonia from the Nebo Road

Tryfan and the Ogwen Valley

WNO: War & Peace
and La Ceneratola

The Great Orme

The Little Orme

Low Tide

Early Morning Sunshine
from our room

Huddersfield, to visit Misbah and Rudi Deen
October 2018

Misbah and Rudi

The Cake, baked for the Enquirers visit

As the Enquirers were prevented from arriving, the cake was cut.

Wexford and Belfast
November 2018

South of Aberystwyth

The beach at Newport, Pembrokeshire

The following morning

On board the ferry to Rosslare

Turning in Fishguard Habour

Within sight of the Irish Coast

Wexford and the River Slaney from our hotel room in White's

At the Opera

With Richard and Ian

The Auditorium

Stage curtains for Il Bravo

Don Pasquale, an afternoon opera in the hotel
from the programme

Il Bravo
from the programme

Double Bill: L'Oracolo and Mala Vita
from the programme

The Girl from the Golden West, an afternoon perfromance in the Hotel
from the programme

Dinner at Eight
from the programme

Before the last performance

Selskar Abbey, Wexford

Wexford from the Bridge

Visiting James and Usha in Belfast

Visit to Castle Ward, Strangford; the Classical Front

With James


The rear, in a quite different style

An inquisitive seal

Portaferry, across the Lough

Climbing the Hill from the Lough

Departure from Strangford

View of the weather up the Lough

Approaching Portaferry

En route from Belfast to Birkenhead

Liverpool in the early morning

Munich Visit
December 27th - 31st 2018

Theatiner Kirche

Operas Posters for the Bartered Bride

The Christmas Tree at the Stadt Rosenheim Hotel

Walk in the Nymphenburg Schloss Park ...

... with a new Anorak

A pertly iced over lake

Swans, standing on the concealed ice

The Schloss Nymphenburg

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