Frank & Ivy

Frank Borrell (b. 1921) and Ivy Redgrave (b. 1925; d. 2014)
    son:Alan (b. 1948)

Frank in the RAF; 1937 to 1945. Recorded Memories

Ivy, 1926

Ivy with mother
1926, Notting Hill

Frank ca 1929

with Dad, Mum, Ted and Kathleen
ca 1929
photo kindly supplied by Sarah Dollemore

Frank, 1939
just joined the RAF

ca 1939

ca 1939

ca 1941

Ivy, bridesmaid at
Ted & Doreen's wedding

probably India, 1943

probably India, 1943

Ivy, 1944

1944, with brother Ted
in India

Frank & Ivy
engaged 1945

Frank & Ivy, married, 1945
Frank's parents; Kathleen; Ivy's Mum

War medals

Twin engined transport, 1946

with Alan

with Alan and Grandma

with the first car, Alan
& Molly, 1958

Ivy's Sister Elsie & Lionel Dove
Frank's dad, 1960

Helen and Dad
with Ivy 1960

three generations, 1960
Frank, Frank and Alan

1968: Alan's Wedding

Frank with his Mother and brothers, Ted and Peter

2003 at Ted & Doreen's
Diamond wedding

Peter, Kathleen, Ted and Frank
together for the third time since 1939

Frank, Ted, Peter & Kathleen

Bill & Anne, Frank & Ivy
Peter, Doreen & Ted, Patricia

family group with Susan,
Michael, Emma & Paul

at granddaughter Julia's wedding


Diamond wedding

Frank's 85th birthday

2010, Towcester

2010, Towcester

Towcester, 2012
nearly 91

Recording his memories of Burma, 2012

August 2013

August 2013

Ivy's Funeral
August 2014

St Mary's Church, Eaton Neston

interior: notice the box pews

Viewing the flowers at the crematorium

Abigail, Sarah, Hayden, Tim, Alan, Janet, Frank, Peter, Pat, Julia, David

Sarah, Tim, Julia, Hayden, David, Abigail

Janet with two of her sons, David and Hayden

Frank in good form at 93


On the way home: Lichfield Cathedral

September 2014 (93)
with brother Ted (91)

Lunch at Barton on Sea, September 2017

with Peter at Barton on Sea

with Patricia at Milford

Frank's Funeral, January 2021
relayed from Bournemouth

The view of the Chapel

The order of service

Alan, 1948

1968: Marriage to Janet; with his Grandmother

Alan & Janet with Pat & the boys

grandchildren, 1975
Jason, Julia, David

with Alan's family 1984
Jason, Haydn (with mum, Janet)
David, Alan, Julia, Frank

Julia's marriage to Tim Chambers
parents Janet & Alan

Haydn, 2010?

Ivy's Grandfather (Thomas Riddle)
second wife, ca 1900

Ivy's father
Salonica 1915

Ivy's Mum, 1942
Sarah Elizebeth Redgrave

Building the house
Towcester, 1954

The House with Frank, August 2013

The House in August 2013

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