The Family

Pat 2008
Wedding 1958
Honeymoon 1958
Golden Wedding 2008
  Peter 2008

The Children's Earlier Years

  Stephen, Ottawa    Stephen, graduation
 Michael, Kuhtai    Michael, 1980

The three boys and their families

    Visit 2011
Rosalind, Paul and family
  Berne Avenue, August 2010 
Conny, Stephen &family
  FA Cup semi-final 2011
Nicky, Michael & family

Peter's Brothers and Sister


Frank & Ivy Borrell and family

Family Tree

Ted & Doreen Borrell
and family

Family Tree

Their Diamond Wedding
Anne & Bill Barbour
and family

Family Tree

Funeral Tributes

Peter's Mum & Dad


Ivy Kathleen Mona Elisabeth Borrell

Family Tree

Funeral Tribute
Frank Cash Borrell
& his family

Family Tree


Pat's Mum & Dad

    Wedding: Arthur and Grace Gibson

Arthur & Grace Gibson

Golden Wedding
  Pat's Grandparents
 Pat's Mother's Family

Family Tree

Pat's Dad's family
 Pat's Dad's Family

Family Tree