The Winneys
Pat's Mum's Family

Henry Winney (b. 1870, d. ~1951); Isobella Winney, married 1902
children: Alfred (b. ~1903), May (b. ~1904), Grace (b. 1906, d. 1996; Pat's Mum), Ernie (b. ~1907)

Winney family tree

~1905: Pat's maternal grandparents
Henry & Isobella Winney
with Alfred Winney & May Isobella

~1909: the four siblings
May, Ernie, Alf and
Grace (Pat's Mum)

~1916: Henry Winney
Pat's Granddad

1917: Granddad on the back row

~1920: Ernie

~1925: May

~1929: Alf, Pat's Dad, ?
May, Grandma, Pat's Mum, Granddad

~1930: Alf & Madge's Wedding
left: Granddad, front: Grandma, Pat's Mum, Alf & Madge, Margaret Parrish

~1937: Chartley Avenue
Back: Pat & her Dad
midddle: Grandma, Grandad(?), Cousin Ann
front: Pat's Mum, Aunty Madge (Alf's wife)

~1937: Auntie May (Rock, neé Winney)
with Cousin Ann and Pat

~1940: Uncle Ernie (RAF)

Uncle Ernie in Egypt

~1947: Grandma & Granddad
probably Exmouth

The Putting Course, Exmouth
Pat's Grandad in charge, with cousins Ann and Peter

Exmouth, with Pat's Mum, Madge,Ann, May and Pat Winney

~1948: Ann, Pat, Alf, Ernie, Auntie May, Pat's Mum, Auntie Pat

~1948: 3 friends, Grandma, May, Pat, Granddad, Pat's Mum & Dad

Pat's cousins, Peter, Janet and John Winney

Pat with Uncle Ernie and family, and Pat's Mum

Uncle Ernie, Auntie Pat and cousins, Peter, Janet and John

Ann's Wedding to Karl Boettcher

Pat's Mum, Janet, unknown, Auntie May & Uncle Bill, Auntie Madge, John, Auntie Pat and Uncle Ernie

Auntie May and Uncle Bill

~1963: Grandma's funeral
Pat's Dad, Alf, Madge, Pat, Ernie
Auntie Pat, May, Pat's Mum

2008: Pat with her cousin
Ann Boettcher (neé Winney) at Berne Avenue

2008: Ann with husband Karl Boettcher

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Photos kindly supplied by Ann Boettcher
Images: mostly scanned; web reduction: Photothumb