Cambridge, 1957 - 58

The College Chapel
designed br Christopher Wren

The garden

A swan arriving

...and being fed

Sheld ducks


The new building opposite

A new boiler for Emma

The roof on the Emma new building


The Emmanuel Singers

...messing around
John Gittins at right

...or sitting quietly

Free School Lane
The Physical Chemistry Department

Peter's apparatus

photolysis cell and traps

Toeppler Pump

The old search light
used as a light source

Gas chromatography apparatus

Kings College Chapel

'The Wedding Cake'
John's College

Queen's College

The New Building
John's College

A Ccrmorant on the Cam

A Canada goose

A swan with signets

Punting on the Cam

Fred Edgecombe



John Gittins

Rowing at Richmond

Punting at Henley with Pat's Parents

Peter's mother visits us in Cambridge

The train back to Bletchley

The new Railway building


...and at work

breaking an egg
trying out the new camera

At St Ives

Swimming in the Cam

Emmanuel College May Ball

showing off the dress

Peter's Father visits us in Cambridge

The train back to London

Hills Road

Princess Margaret
opens the new Chemistry Department
in Lensfield Road

with Emeleus, Norrish and Todd

...and in the coutyard at the back

Enid Bevis visits us
She will be our bridesmaid

Outside Emmanuel

Tulips at Chartley Avenue
just before the wedding the garden

...with Pat's Mum

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Image: Edixa camera, scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb