Events, Activities & Living from 1953 to the present

Events 2021 including
Frank's Funeral
Jigsaw, Orange Sunrise

Frank's Funeral 


 Events 2020 including
Stafford Model Railway Show
The Great Covid Lockdown
Post Christmas Snow
   Stafford Model Railway Show, 2020    Berne Avenue in early morning snow    Fixed Rock in the second pond

Events 2019 including
12th Night
Melanie's visit
January Snow
Melanie's May visit
Garmisch Lunch
Marylin's 70th Birthday
Hedgehog visit
Etruria Industrial Museum
Anderton Boat Lift with Probus
James & M-G's Wedding
Common Room Chistmas Dinner
Munich Opera

Wedding: James & M-G

  Hedgehog Visit, July 2019      Melanie, 2019  Garmisch Lunch, June 2019    12th Night
  Marylin's 70th Birthday  Anderton Lift, 2019

Events 2018 including
Alfreton, Peak Rail, Bradford Dale
Enid's Funeral
Tamiyoi - Pat's Elephant
Peter leopard's 80th
June Walsh's Funeral
Apedale WW1 Exhibition
SCR Christmas Dinner
Christmas Lunch with Michael et al

Pat with new dress, 2018    Pat's Elephant
Diamond Wedding
Celebrations 2018

Diamond Wedding Celebrations, 2018

The Happy Couple    Upper House Celebration
    Will juggling
Events 2017 including
Roade Jigsaw
Knussen conducts Grime!
RSC Lunch, Uni Lecture
Probus Ladies Night
Lunch with the Bowers and the Hartleys
Melanie's Visit, Fiona's Visit
Visit of Stephen & family
Mike & Nicky's Visit
Sarah & Kevin to Mow Cop & Little Morton Hall
Cheltenham with Charlie, SCR Christmas Dinner
Christmas Visit from Stephen, Conny and Timothy

Jigsaw: LMS at Roade
Upper House with Pat Jones

Events 2016  including 
TIA  excitement,
Probus Colleagues
with Mike at Stoke City
Melanie at the Hanging Gate
Saatchi Gallery with tongues
Munich opera: La Juive
Buxton, Jodrell Bank with Sarah & Kevin
Monkey Forest & Wedgewood
Class 5 Model, RIOT Exhibition
Fiona and Adam's Piano
Eckington Manor

with Mike at Stoke City   
 Jodrell Bank 2016

Mike's Investiture, 2016Mike, London 2016

Mike's Investiture, 2016
Balloon Ride, 2016
Balloon Ride, 1986   
Dovedale 2016

Events 2015 including
Birmingham, Smoke Detectors
Solar Eclipse, Pat Wilson at 80
Audrey Newsome Building
Birmingham Uni, Probus President
Patricia's 80th Birthday, Stoke City
Apedale Railway

Apedale Railway 2015   Pat's 80th

Fiona and Adam's Wedding, 2015

Further Events 2015
with Paul to London
Endon Well Dressing
Fiona and Adam's Wedding
Events 2014 including
Melanie and Sylvia, RSC award
Laptop rejuvenation
Gwenda's 80th party
Sylvia Richard's Funeral, Aberystwyth
Marylin, Melanie and Friends
Trentham Monkey Forest
Enid to lunch, Tony Johns, the Jones'
Leslie Orrell, Opera Madness
Keele Experiment Dinner
Friends (Monday, Inquirers, Christmas)
Jigsaws, Tony to lunch

Melanie and Sylvia

Peter's Eightieth Birthday
Celebrations, 2014

80th Birthday


Events 2013 including
The Halle Concert, Buxton Festival
Barry & Hilary's Golden Wedding
Georgina's 80th Birthday
Gurnos and Pat's Golden Wedding
Venus & the  Moon, Eckington Manor
Operas and Parties

Hanley, Victoria Hall   PHP 2013
Nottingham 2013Waterloo 2013
Further Events 2013 
The Spring Odyssey
Peter Plesch's funeral
Events 2012 including
Christmas jigsaw, Adbaston Concert,
Melanie's 80th Birthday Celebrations
RSC Lunch, Mike's new car
With Brenda and Tony Johns
Dorothy Clive Garden,
Buxton Opera Festival, Melanie's Visit
Blackbrook Zoo, Emmanuel reunion
Monday lunch group
Christmas at Home

Horus, the Hawk
  Horus the Hawk, 2012

with melanie at Start Point

model ship, Buxton

Events 2011 including
Christmas Jigsaws, Newcastle Fire,
Car misfuelled, Opera at the RNCM
Adbaston Concert, FA Cup Semi final
FA Cup Final 
Lisbon, Aveiro,  Angera FA Cup Semi-final, 2011

Events 2010 including
Brian & Margaret, Sylvia Williams's Wake
Buxton Friends, Catenians Talk, Forty One Club, New car

VW Jetta with cherished number plate
Brian & Margaret Pease

Events 2009 including
Traudi & Peter, Alpspitz jigsaw
Mothers' Day, Pat's operation
Stoke City, Paul  Monks's party
Blue John Mine; 41 Club Shoot
David & Sheila's Golden Wedding
Trentham Garden Centre with Mike

Cambridge Celebrations, 2008
Pat punting
Borrell Golden Wedding
Golden Wedding Celebrations 2008
Events 2008 including
Ann & Karl's visit
Paul Monks's birthday party
NMRE, Traudi with a broken arm
Denis Dixon's 70th, Sylvia visit
Gurnos's 80th, Christmas

Paul Monks

Events 2007 including
Enid & Bevis, lunar eclipse
Melanie's birthday
Paul Monks's 40th
Christmas Tree

Further 2007 Events
Jumpcross with Felicity
ACCENT Symposium, Urbino
ACCENT CCAQ, Barnsdale

Events 2006 including
Lunch with Audrey;
Alton Towers (Steve et al)
Aerial Extreme (further grandchildren);
Enid to lunch;
Emma Reunion, Cambridge

Further 2006 Events
AAQEE Workshop, Latvia
AT2 Workshop, Heraklion
AVOC Workshop, Barnsdale

Pat's 70th Birthday Party 2005

Peter's 70th Birthday Party, 2004
Sensational 70s ski tour 2004-5

Events 2004

Events 2003
          Playing Rugby, 1977, 1978, 1980

Some Events 1994 - 2002
Kath & Bert in Buxton

Buxton 2001



 Events 2002  Melanie's 70th birthday
Gwenda and Christopher's Visit, 2002 Farewell Party  Moving home
 kite flying at Keele

New car 2002

2001 including

jigsaw: medieval window
Model boat on the Riesssersee
Berne Avenue, 2001

 2000 Party
Party 2000
    Jig saw 2000    
Jigsaw Puzzle
Neuschwanstein, 2000

Living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch 1999

Events 1998
Returning to Garmisch
Skiing World Cup
Symposium '98
Moving from IFU to the GSF
40th Wedding Anniversary
GSF Betriebsausflug
Irmgard's 50th Birthday Party
Eurotrac Meetings
Kerry's Visit
Stephen & Family's visit

Returning to Garmisch, 1998  Symp '98 poster

Leaving IFU, 1998

Events 1997
The Car Fire
The New VW Passat
Christa's Birthday
Don Ramsay's Visit
63rd Birthday

Car Fire 1997   Car Fire 1997
The new VW Passat, 1997
Christa's Birthday, 1997

Events 1996
Eurotrac IEC Meeting
Eurotrac Symposium '96
Pat's Mother's Funeral
Visit from Pat & Gurnos

Eurotrac IEC 1995   
Symposium '96

Events 1995
Snow in Garmisch
Sleigh Ride to Elmau
Sarah's Christening
Garmisch Road Work
Charlie's Christening
Pat's Birthday
Melanie's Visit
Family Christmas in Garmisch

Snow in Garmisch 1995   Sleigh Ride, 1995
Sarah's Christening
Charlie's Christening

Events 1994
Opening of the Winter Oympics
Memoral Lecture and Medal
EUROTRAC Symposium '94
Grandad's Funeral
PRICE Field Campaign

Winter Olympics, 1994
EUROTRAC Symposium '94
Price Referees, 1994

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1993
Visit from Stephen and Conny
Great Dunn Fell
Symposium Book
Stephen's Wedding
Doreen & Ted's Golden Wedding

Stephen Visit, 1993   Great Dunn Fell, 1993
Stephen's Wedding, 1993
Stephen's Wedding, 1993

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1992

EUROTRAC Symposium, 1992
Brian and Margaret Pease's Visit
Nigel Bird's visit
The Clock, The Embroidery

Symposium 1992      the Clock, 1992
Brian & Margaret's Visit 1992
           Stockholm Embroidery, 1992

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1991
World Cup Skiing
Paul's family visit
Pat's Parents' Diamond Wedding
Staffelsee Fronleichnam
Michael's family visit

Skiing World Cup 1991
Staffelsee Fronleichnam 1991

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1990

Eurotrac IEC Meeting
Wolfgang Seiler's Birthday Party
Eurotrac Symposium, 1990
Enid's Visit, Wiilam's Birth
Felicity's Birth, Bayerisches Musikfest
Peter& Pat Winney's visit, Melanie's Visit
Visit to Will and parents
Uncle Henry's Funeral
Conny and Stephen for Christmas

Symposium 1990
Enid, 1990
Melanie's visit, 1990

Ski jumping, 1989  Frohleichnam Procession 1989
Oktoberfest 1989
Melanie Visit, 1989

Mother's Funeral, 1988
Farewell Party, 1988
Presentation; Gilbert Painting, 1988

Events in Keele, 1987

Visit to Peter's Mum with Anne & Bill
Fiona's Birth & Christening
Mike's Engagement, Moving House
Michael & Nicola's Wedding

Peter's Mum 1987
Fiona, 1986
Mike's Wedding, 1987

Events in Keele  &  Göttingen, 1986
Embroidery & Jigsaw
Gottingen arrival
Stephen's Visit, Troe's Party
Hans-Gerd's Wedding
Andy Billington's Visit
Garden Festival, Stoke

Embroidery Kopenhavn 1986

Peter's ScD, 1985

Keele Events, 1984
End of the railway, Test pictures
Work!, Re-wiring, Potteries Marathon
Emmanuel  May Ball, College Lunch
Birmingham Model Railway
Peter's birthday & ScD, Christmas

End of the Railway, 1984

Leave in Göttingen, 1983
On the way; Diemarden
Friedland Monument
Bread Museum, Lab exhibition,  Duderstadt, PhD celebration, Göttingen,
Unclassified Pictures

Zuidersee, 1982

Keele, 1982
Stephen 21st
before the Wedding
Stephen Jaw Operation
Paul & Rosalind's Wedding
Change of car, Kinder
Castle Rising, Christmas

The family, 1982
Paul's Wedding 1982
Paul's Wedding, 1982
Events 1981
Pat's PhD Graduation
Tom's Wedding
Michael to Cambridge

Pat's PhD graduation, 1981
Golden Wedding, 1981
Pat's Parent's Golden Wedding, 1981

Model Railway 1981
Model Railway, 1981

Keele 1980
Paul's graduation, Michael at School
Pat's PhD Celebration

Pat's PhD Cake, 1980Keele, 1979

Keele, 1979
Igloos, Examiners etc. etc.

Keele, 1979

Keele Events, 1978
Stephen's Pots, 1978


Keele, 1977

Keele 1976        Midsummer Night's DreamFootball 1976

Keele, 1975

Keele 1975

Synchrotron Radiation Source,
Orsay, Paris 1974

Mondetour, Orsay, 1974
  Living in Orsay,France,1974

Dinner with Melanie, 1973

Keele, 1972
Peter, Football, 1972

Christmas, 1971

Christmas 1971

Starting the model railway, 1969
model railway, 1969

Back at Keele, 1968
Little moreton Hall 1968   Peter's Mother and sons, 1968
Living in Ottawa, 1968
Mounties in Ottawa, 1968

The boys, Ian Henderson

Living at Keele , 1965
The family, 1965

Living at Keele, 1964
Chartley Avenue, The Covert
Chester Zoo,  Christmas 1964

The boys at the Covert

Living at Keele, 1963
Peter to the Cairngorms
53 The Covert
Lancing Beach and Sompting
Anglesey Holiday

at the Covert, 1963

Living in Penkhull,
1961 - 1962

Christmas 1961, the Potteries,
Stoke on Trent,, March Snow, Barmouth,
Manifold Valley, Degree Day, Chester Zoo
Michael's birth, Christmas 1962

Barmouth, 1962
Pnkhull, 1961

Living in Princeton,
1959 to 1961

Prospect Avenue, the Oldsmobile
Delaware River, Lake Carnegie
Lebanon State Forest
Keith & Alice Chambers
Pat's Mum, the Queen Elizebeth
the seaside, Hurrican Donna
Lackawana Railroad,
Christmas and snow
Boy Scouts of America
Princeton -
Alumni Parade, Battlefield Park
The University, Floods, Levittown
Bayonne Bridge, The Voyage Home

Paul in Princeton 1960

Cambridge, 1958-59
Cambridge, 1959

     Our Honeymoon, 1958
Honeymoon, 1958
Life in Cambridge

   Cambridge, 1957

Life at Birmingham,
1953 - 56
and since

Birmingham Graduation, 1956