Cambridge, 1958 - 59

Return from the honeymoon
Chartley Ave, Pat and Pat's Mum

Wedding of Geof Mills and Utta
Mike Auckland as best man

A guest


Paul Timothy is born
12th December 1958

Paul is born in Cambrige
one day old

at home

A hard winter

...playing in the garden?

Paul asleep

(about 2 months old)

...he liked his feet out!

Enjoying the sunshine

...and laughing

with Peter's Mum

Bath time

with Pat's Mum

After the Emmanuel May Ball

...and Paul was awake

Peter and Paul

The Bump Races on the Cam

...they are catching up

...have they suceeded?

Back in the garden
with Pat's Mum

Paul sitting up

...and wanting to be picked up

Bath time now in the kitchen sink

Wicken Fen

John and Jean Gittins's car
We all go on an outing

Picnic time

Exploring, Paul can crawl now

In Bletchley
Pat has got her shoe back

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Image: Edixa camera, scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb