The Model Railway, 1969 to 1984

Initial Construction, 1969

The framework

The crossover loop. The future double track main line will link at the rear, cross next to the loop with another junction, turn anticlockwiseto rise past the terminus, cross itself and drop back to the junction with the loop line; the terminus will be overhead on the right; the engine shed and sidings on the left.

The first two locos

The drivers

The running layout, 1981

The terminus, main double track line crossing over, engine shed and turntable; control panels for the main line and terminus

The through station; the rising main line, with terminus junction; engine shed; main line control panel

Passenger train on the main line with goods on the crossover loop

right to left: goods train climbing main line; passenger train leaving terminus and joining the main line; oil train on the lower main line

The end of the line; space needed for visiting boys

Bonfire ...

... in the garden

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Image: Edixa camera, scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb