Study Leave in Göttingen, 1983

From Amsterdam to Göttingen
April 1983

Afsluitdijk dividing the North See from the Zuidersee (Ijsselmeer)

Overnight stop in Dutch Friesland


Cafe and Kuchen

Diemarden & Reinhausen
near Göttingen, April 1983

The Friedland Memorial
April 1983

European Bread Museum
Erbgözten, April 1983

Churches in forgotten villages!

Exhibition for the Sonderforschungsbereich
July 1983

Klaus Luther

Duderstadt and the Grenze with Stephen
July 1983

Goettingen PhD Celebration

The Engine

The Celebrant

The Tractor Driver

Kissing the Ganseliesel

July 1983

From the Tower of the Johanneskirche looking North

The Johanneskirche

The University Aula

The St Albani Kirche

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Images:Olympus 35RC camera (from June, Pentax 70 zoom) scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb