1998 The Eurotrac Symposium '98

5th Eurotrac Symposium; Symposium '98 which we organised in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, March 1998

The Symposium Poster

The Packed Symposium Bags, ready for the arrival of the delegates

Poster Boards (arranged by Patricia) awaiting the posters

The helpers from both IFU and the GSF. Recognisable are Patricia, Irmgard, Tomi Cvitas, Tim Jungblut, Nicky Forster

Instructions before the off!

The Conference Hall

The American Guest speaker

Ulrich Schurath

Richard Wayne

Andreas Voltz-Thomas

Accepting a sponsor's cheque (?)

The reception on the first evening

With Frau Roger and Frau Schmidt and Tim Jungblut

The Burgomeister of Garmisch- Partenkirchen

Tim Jungblut (doing the translation)

With Frau Schmidt, our publisher and Herr und Frau Holleschek (our graphic designers)

Soren Larsen (Denmark) and Peter Builtjes (Netherlands)

Left background: Richard Wayne
right Albrect Neftel



Oysteiin Hov (Norway)


Some of the posters on display

The lecture hall

Evi Schuebach

David Simpson

Peter Brimblecombe


Frank Raes

Sjaak Slanina

Tom Choularton

With Peter Brimblecombe

Sandro Fuzzi (Bologna)


The Excursion to the Zugspitze Platte

With Nicky and ?

With Richard Wayne, Nicky and ?

With Irmgard

Rainer Friedrich



David Fowler

John Burrows

Peter Builtjes


With Irmgard, Tim and Nicky.

Conference Dinner in the Bayernhalle: an announcement!

Andrea Flossmann (Chairman, SSC) presenting a bouquet to Irmgard

A presentation to Nicky

Poster prizes
For whom?

Poster prize for ?

Andrea presentling a poster prize to Carlos Borrego (Portugal)

Poster prize for ?

Poster prize for ?

Poster prize for ?

Log sawing competition

Peter Builjes and Andrea Flossmann

The Winners

Bouquets for our helpers

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Images: Pentax 100 zoom; scanned APS negatives; reduction: Photothumb