Yearly Contents List

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Events & Living Garden Visits Walks Holidays Boating Skiing Paul & family Stephen & family Michael & family Christmas Letters and other written items
1953 - 56 Birmingham University Licky Hills
1957 - 58 Cambridge Punting on the Cam
1958 Our Wedding Honeymoon
1958 - 59 Cambridge Paul's Birthday
1959 - 60 Princeton Visits in USA Grand Canyon Across the USA
1961 Princeton Visits in USA Voyage Home
Stephen's Birthday
1961 - 62 Penkhull Chester Zoo Michael's Birthday
1963 Keele Lancing & Sompting Anglesey Cairngorms
1964 Keele Chester Zoo Peter to Cornell
1965 Keele Anglesey Ireland
1966     Peter to Oslo   Ireland
1967 Keele   By Rail to Munich   Ireland
1968 Living in Ottawa         Edelweiss Quebec
  Back at Keele   Peter to West     Voyage home on the France Peter in Banff
1969 Model Railway Ireland Kuhtai Austria
1970 Torridon
Maurach Austria Paul's early years Stephen's early years Michael's early years
1971 Christmas Loch Duich
Kirchberg Austria
1972 Keele events Visits Loch Duich
Sailing on
Loch Duich
Fieberbrunn Austria
  Aviemore, Scotland
1973 Pre-departure Peter to Salzburg Climbing Tryfan Loch Duich and the Five Sisters Sailing on
Loch Duich
Fieberbrunn Austria
  Aviemore; no snow!
1974 Leave in Paris Visits Valras Plage Sailing on Lake Geneva Les Houches
ACO Synchrotron St Gingolf
1975 Keele Galloway, Hadrian's Wall Co. Cork, Ireland Sailing in Co. Cork Les Houches
1976 Keele Visits St Giles - Croix de Vie Sailing in St Giles Les Houches
1977 Keele Visits Loch Duich Sailing on Loch Duich Avoriaz
1978 Keele Keele Garden Visits Dartmouth Sailing at Dartmouth Avoriaz and Catastrophe
1979 Keele Visits Dartmouth Sailing at Dartmouth Saas Fee
1980 Keele Visits Dartmouth Sailing to Brittany Tignes
  Pisa and Florence Paul's Graduation
1981 Keele Visits Walks Canada & the USA Verbier Pat's American Trip Diary
  Grandparent's Golden Wedding John Bradley Tribute
  Model Railway Paul's early years
1982 Keele Goettingen & Lotstetten Dartmouth Dartmouth with Anne & Bill Meribel
  Ottawa Australia Paul's Wedding
  Hong Kong
1983 1983      Pictures in chronological order       1983
  Leave in Göttingen Amsterdam & various German Walks Czechoslovakia & Austria Meribel Paul & Rosalind visit Stephen's Graduation Mike's Birthday
  Berlin On crutches!
1984  1984      Pictures in chronological order       1984 Christmas Letter
Keele events & odds Visits Walks Berlin, Czechoslovakia & Austria Sailing to Brittany Tignes Michael's Graduation
Our Wedding Anniversary Atlanta,Florida Punting on the Cam
1985  1985      Pictures in chronological order       1985 Christmas Letter
Peter's ScD Keele Garden Visits Walks The Western United States Sailing to Ireland Meribel with Mike & Nicky Pat's Western Diary
Keele 1985 events & odds Michael's early years Western itinerary
1986  1986      Pictures in chronological order       1986 Christmas Letter
Keele & Göttingen Visits Walks Scandinavia La Plagne and Les Arcs
1987  1987      Pictures in chronological order       1987 Christmas Letter
Keele House Visits Walks France & Aachen Canal du Bourgogne Meribel with Christopher & Gwenda Fiona's Birth & Christening Visiting Stephen Michael's Engagement Pat's Holiday Diary 1987
Moving House Mike & Nicky's Wedding
1988  1988      Pictures in chronological order       1988 Christmas Letter
Keele House Visits Walks Lago di Braies & Garmisch Rutland Water Tignes with Christopher, Gwenda & Stephen Paul Pat's Holiday Diary 1988 Tribute to Peter's Mum
Stephen's early years House Party Invitation
1989  1989      Pictures in chronological order       1989 Christmas Letter
Garmisch Garmisch flat Visits Walks Croatia, Hvar Hochgurgl, Paul & family, Michael & Nicola, Thanks and Arrival in Garmisch,
1990  1990      Pictures in chronological order       1990 Christmas Letter
Garmisch Visits Walks Madrid & Andalucia Garmisch Felicity's Birth & Christening Will's Birth and Christening,
1991  1991      Pictures in chronological order       1991 Christmas Letter
Garmisch Visits Walks Hochgurgl & others Paul and family
1996 Ireland
1999 Garmisch Visits Naples Ireland Keystone and Vail Paul Stephen Michael
2000 Patagonia Michael
2001 Argentina
Pacific NW Paul
2003 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Bali and Indonesia Paul Stephen Michael
Birmingham Reunion
2004 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Ecuador and the Galapagos Ireland Hochgurgl Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Peter's 70th Birthday
2005 Pat's 70th Birthday Garden Visits Walks Borneo Caldon Canal Sensational Seventies Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Llandudno Italy
Madiera Malaysia Diary
2006 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks New Zealand Shropshire Union Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
AAQEE Heraklion Alberta
AT2 Latvia Scotland New Zealand Diary
AVOC Jakarta
2007 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Canada Hochgurgl Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
ACCENT Garage Conversion Munich Europe
CCAQ Italy
2008 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Jordan Caldon Canal Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Golden Wedding Barlaston Suffolk
Golden Wedding Cambridge Wheathill Punting on the Cam
2009 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Egypt Ireland Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Anne & Bill's Funeral Tributes
2010 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Namibia Ireland Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Edinburgh Namibia Diary
2011 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Albania Monmouth Canal Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Munich Bayreuth Ireland Monmouth Canal Log
South Downs
2012 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Munich & the Ring Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen Michael Christmas Letter
Horus,the Hawk Somerset Wexford Festival Family Visit
2013 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Russian Cruise Hochgurgl & Europe Paul Stephen's Visits Michael Christmas Letter
Spring Odyssey Peter Plesch Tributes
2014 Newcastle Garden Visits Walks Winter Holiday Grand Union Canal Hochgurgl Paul Stephen Will's Circus Christmas Letter
Peter's 80th Birthday New Roof
Bayreuth & Germany
2015 Newcastle Garden
Visits Walks Winter Holiday Grand Union Canal Hochgurgl London with Paul Stephen Skiing at Ferney Christmas Letter
Pat's 80th Birthday Lulworth, Corfe Castle Fiona & Adam's Wedding Christmas with Stephen
2016 Newcastle Garden
Visits Walks Bayreuth & Nuremberg Michael Christmas Letter
Balloon Ride Portsmouth & the South Coast Mike's Investiture Gurnos Jones Tribute
2017 Newcastle Garden
Visits Walks Scottish_Cruise Scottish_Cruise Garmisch & Hochgurgl Paul & family Stephen & family Michael

Family Contents List

  Family Tree
1895 to 1988 Peter's Mother Peter's Mother's Family Tree
1896 to 1974 Peter's Father Peter's Father's family Peter's Father's Family Tree
1905 to 1994 Patricia's Parents Patricia's Father's family Pat's Father's Family Tree
1905 to 1998 Patricia's Parents Patricia's Mother's family Pat's Mother's Family Tree
1921 onwards Peter's Brother, Frank with Ivy, Alan and the family Frank's Family Tree
1922 onwards Peter's Brother, Ted with Doreen, Susan and the family Ted's Family Tree
1926 to 2009 Peter's Sister, Kathleen Anne with Bill, James, Charlotte, Pauline, Tom and the family Anne's Family Tree
1934 onwards Peter
1935 onwards Patricia
1958 onwards Patricia and Peter together Patricia & Peter's Family Tree
1958 onwards Paul's early years with Rosalind, Fiona and Felicity
1961 onwards Stephen's early years with Conny, Sarah and Timmy
1962 onwards Michael's early years with Nicola, William, James, Charlie
  Family Tree