Living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1999

First of February 1999

the first snow

Paul and family came



the second snow
18th Feb.

Taking it away!

Keystone & Vail
March 1999

Keystone, Colorado

Vail, Colorado

with Gwenda and Christopher in Vail

Party preparations

10 pictures
for the party game

all done!

Erecting the new May Pole in Krun

the decorations

The new Maypole

Peter and Stephen
climbed the Alpspitz
10th August 1999

view back down the valley

Via Ferrata

Stephen nearing the top

The Alpspitz

The Alpsritz with Peter

both on the top

Stephen on top

a well earned drink
at the bottom

Stephen and Family
in Garmisch
18th - 25th July 1999



Aftermath of the Whitsun floods

The original bridge

swept away

the railway line gone!

A new Bridge

Railway line restored
with a new bridge

The group from our Naples trip
visit us in Garmisch
30th July 1999

and we took a walk

Mittenwald Festzug
1st August 1999

Common Blue butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Michael and family
in Garmisch
7th - 12th August 1999



The "overseers" and James

building a dam


under a red umbrella

The Riessersee


Nicky on the rodelbahn

Paul and family came for a day
10th August 1999


Fiona and Ros

and the hired van

notice the sickle shapes

Total Eclipse
11th August 1999

with eye protection

The Full Eclipse

notice Venus

and without the glasses
now a total eclipse

view of Garmicsh-Partenkirchen

a spider's web
noticed on a walk

8th September 1999

The Goldener Saal

The Fuggerei

The start of winter
December 1999

Heavy frost in December

and heavy snow

75 Years of the Zugspitzbahn
19th December 1999

The Zugspitzbahn at Grainau

The snow plough in action

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Images: Minolta Vectis 40 camera, scanned prints; reduction: Photothumb