Peter & Patricia Borrell

Some photographs of our Birmingham activities

for the 50th reunion of the 1953 Chemistry Class

Matriculation, 1953
          Winterbourne garden; Patricia, Enid (nee Bevis) and Sylvia (nee Parkinson), 1954

Jo with Sylvia and Enid, 1954
 Enid, Neil Atherton, George Dutton (Chem. Eng.), Stan. Birch & Dennis Baker, 1954

Peter in the municipal graveyard,1955
 Patricia, 1955
Malcolm Welsh (nurse). Peter, ?,?,Dai Roberts, Dai Lewis, Stan Birch, ?(on top) ? Geoff Robson, ?, Neil Atherton,?, Bruce Joyce, ?. Peter Cox, Colin Blake?      Carnival 1954
Cleaning bollards in New Street; Carnival 1955

Peter, Patricia, Neil Atherton, Stan Birch, Enid (nee Bevis), Dennis Baker, George Dutton (Chem. Eng.) , Dai Roberts, Bill Price, Donald Tipper
     Graduation 1956
   Then (1955)
     Almost Now (2001)

German/American Ball