Some Biographical Pieces

 Various written accounts pertaining to our lives and those of our families

Birmingham, 1955 Our lives since Birmingham
1953 - 2003
2001 The Birmingham Chemists
50 year reunion
Christmas Newsletters
1984 to the present
Factual annual accounts of our lives
Michael on the BBC Today programme Mike 2016 Audio Recordings Frank, RAF, 1939 Frank: Experiences in the RAF, 1939 to 1945
Pat 1998 Curriculum Vitae
Peter 1994
1960 to 2018

300kB, PDF
Buxton Opera House A list of the operas which we have seen during the period
Book shelf
Books Read
1940 to the 2018

1.1MB, PDF
Book shelf
A list of the books Peter has read during the period
Scientific publications
1956 to 2011
Remote Sensing of the Troposphere  
Irritated elephant, Botswana Holiday itineraries etc. Monmouth Canal, 2011

Namibia, 2010

New Zealand 2006;
   Diaries and itinerary

Malaysia, 2006
   Diary and Bird List

Log book, 1993

Berlin & Mecklenburg
   Log book 1992

Canal du Midi et Petit Rhône
   Log Book, 1991

Lago di Braies & Garmisch
   Pat's Diary 1988

Canal du Burgogne & Aachen
   Pat's Diary 1987

US South West 1985
   Pat's Diary; Itinerary

USA and Canada, 1981
   Pat's Diary, Costs, Itinerary
Funeral Tributes Anne & Bill 2009 Written tributes and orations for family & friends
King George V letter Miscellaneous items Diamond Wedding Documentation, 2018
360 kB PDF

Notes on  Carlo Rovelli: Reality is not what it seems, Autumn 2018, 1.8MB PDF

Notes on Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow, July 2014, 700kB PDF

Mike, Calgary Herald;
February 2007; 1MB, PDF

Farewell to Garmisch, 2002
100 kB PDF

The Car Fire, February 1997
950 kB PDF

An Account of Conny & Stephen's Wedding, September 1993
7.5 MB PDF

Pat's Diary, 1989

Garmisch Arrival and thanks, 1989

The New House Party Invitation, 1988

A letter from King George V
1918, 330kB PDF

The Car Fire, 1997

The Family Tree
180 kB, PDF
Tree of Jesse Thumbnail Linked Family Trees for us and some of our relatives