Peter's 70th Birthday Party

December 2004

the spread
prepared by Pat

ready for action

Menai Roberts

Kath Adams

Bert Adams

Iollo Roberts

Georgina Pritchard

William with Kath

Traudi Pleasch

Andor Gomme

Susan Gomme

John Killam

Pete Floyd

Colin Mortimer

Margaret Floyd

Vicky Winchester

John Winchester

Juliene Tough

Arthur Tough

Angela Drakakis-Smith

Peter Plesch

Connie and Nicky
Daughters in Law

Melanie Thorne

Melanie, Pat Jones
and Janet Watson


with jetlag

Paul Anderton

Anne Anderton

Leslie and Richard Orrell

David Coates

Donald Jackson

Barry Shufflebotham

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Image: Canon IXUS i; web reduction with Photothumb