Golden Wedding Celebrations, 2008

The Wedding 1958, Cambridge Celebrations

Party given for us by
Christa Huffmann

Horst Jaeger, Patricia,
Irmgard Réthoré

Aileen Patail, Horst, Patricia

Otger Holleschek, Christa,
George Patail, Karin Jaeger


Kate Burns, Aileen

George, Karin, Horst, Ottger, Pat, Christa, Irmgard, Kate, Aileen

June 14th 2008

from the
Panorama Restaurant

The Happy Couple!

with Max Kamm

Stefan Kamm & Max

Peter, Patricia, Ottger,
Jana Slemr, Christa,
Nicky Kamm, Irmgard, Stefan & Max

photo: Irmgard Réthoré

photo: Irmgard Réthoré

Bavarian Kinderteller!

Lunch at home
for the bookclub

Hilary, Ricky Williams, Rose Kelling, Gillian Boughey, Patricia, Sheila Holdsworth, Vicki Winchester, Audrey Park

photo: Rose Kelling

The Upper House

The Harpist ...

...Jessica Sutton

Nicky, Paul & Ros

Kathy Dixon,
Lesley & Richard Orrell,
Enid Whittam, Paul & Rosalind

Rosalind, Gurnos & Pat Jones, Denis Dixon

Anne & Bill Barbour,
Fiona & Felicity,
Barry & Hilary Shufflebotham

Hilary, David & Sheila Morgan, Peter Plesch, Melanie Thorne

Kath & Frank Glover,
Pat & Eric Whittle

Eric, Nicola,
Anne and Paul Anderton

Denis and David

Kathy and Sheila

Ann and Bill with Peter Plesch

Hilary & Barry
with Paul Anderton

Richard and Lesley

Enid, Nicky and Melanie

Kath & Frank Glover
with Fiona and Felicity

Anne Anderton with Rosalind

Melanie with Pat and Gurnos

Daughters in Law
Ros and Nicky

Felicity and Fiona

Anne and Bill with
Paul, Felicity and Fiona

Still the Happy Couple!

Cambridge, August 2008

The party
back: Timmy
br: James, Sarah, William
mr: Nicky, Charlie, Conny
fr: Michael, Peter, Patrica, Stephen

The cake!

Will, Charlie, James, Nicky, Sarah, Conny, Patricia, Michael, Stephen
front: Timmy

The painting

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Image: Canon IXUS850 IS; web reduction with Photothumb