Events, Activities and Living 2015

Birmingham, March 2015

The Town Hall before Handel's Hercules

The new library

The Fire brigade, fitting new smoke detectors
March 2015


The Solar Eclipse
March 2015


Pinhole image at the maximum

Eclipse observer

Composite image by Chris Dawson of Cheadle
from the Sentinel website

Image by Doug Carlisle
from the Sentinel website

Pat Wilson's 80th Birthday Party
March 2015

Gillian and Pat

Audrey Newsome at the Newsome Building Naming
April 2015


with the Vice Chancellor

Birmingham, May 2015
to attend RSC Prize Lectures

Outside the Union

President of Whitmore Probus

newly elected

Patricia's 80th Birthday
August 2015


Out to dinner

A lottery win, in time for the party

The "team", ready for the party

with Horus

Balloon parking indicators

Tony, Diane & Peter, Pat Duncan

Geogina, Gilbert, Paul, Anne, Rose & Susan

Paul and Anne, Rose, Susan Georgina, Gilbert

Pauline & Donald, Hilary and Barry, Pat & Gillian

Frank with Richard and Janet


Eunice & Colin, Audrey, Melanie

Arthur, menai, Alan, Julienne

Stephen with Rebecca

Cutting the cake

Frank with Nicky and Mike

Conny, Tim, Stephen, Charlie, Pat, Mike, Nicky, Rebecca, Frank

Tim replaced by Peter

Visit to Stoke City ...

... for a sad match against WBA

August 2015

Apedale Valley Light Railway
September 2015

Stanhope waiting to depart with Justine approaching

Stanhope leaving with a passenger train

The main yard

Moving wagon parts

Exchanging a token

Stanhope returning

Number 9

Justine shunting

Gurnos Jones's Birthday Party
Rowan House, December 12th

Bernie, Glyn, Owen, Pat

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Image:Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Camera; web reduction with Photothumb