Events, Activities and Living 2017

New Year Jigsaw: LMS at Roade

Birmingham Contemporary Music
Premiere, Helen Grime's Piano Concerto
March 2017

Helen Grime

Huw Watkins (pianist & husband) & Helen Grime

with Oliver Knussen (conductor)

RSC lunch
Upper House; April 2017

Group Photo

In the Garden of the Upper House

With Pat Jones

At ILAS lecture by Richard Collier

Probus Ladies Night
April 2017

The Shrewsbury Town Crier, addressing the group

The Town Crier with the President, Nick Davies

Lunch with the Bowers and the Hartleys
May 2017

with John, Val, Ted and Rosaliind

Melanie's visit for Sheila's Party
May 2017

with Pat Jones and Melanie

TIA Hospitalisation
August 6th - 8th 2017

Fiona's Visit
August 2017

with Rebecca, who came with Stephen

Stephen & Family's visit
August 2017


A fairy ring near the Paris Avenue shops

with Rebecca

Pat's 82nd birthday
August 14th 2017

Conny Timothy and Rebecca

Out to lunch at Aston Marina
with Conny, Timothy, Rebecca, Stephen

The partial narrow boat at the Stone end of the walk from Aston Marina





Visit of Mike & Nicky
August 2017

Little Moreton Hall on the visit of Sarah and Felix
September 2017

The Long Gallery

The Chapel

Felix and Sarah

with Felix and Sarah

with Felix and Sarah

The Knot Garden

Felix and Sarah

Mow Cop and the Golden Flame on the visit of Sarah and Felix
September 2017

Sarah & Felix scrambling

The Golden Flame

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