Peter to Cornell, 1964

Also in 1964: Living at Keele

Peter's first transatlantic flight

Boeing 707


approach in the US

Kennedy Airport

Bridge from New York

Toronto 1964
visiting the Gittins



with their grandparents

with Jean and John

Buffalo 1964
visiting the Kings

Niagara: American falls

Canadian falls

in the yard

The King's House

Fort Niagara

The King family

New York World Fair, 1964

on the way - the Hudson River

Cornell University, 1964

Lake Cayuga


The Stadtler Building

Shock Tube Work with Si. Bauer

The Baker Chem. Lab.

With Bill Watt who built the apparatus and organised the experiments (from Chem. Eng. News)

photo: Chem. Eng. News

photo: Chem. Eng. News

with Si Bauer and Bill Watt
photo: Chem. Eng. News

with Erika Beza in Washington

The Maman's car, back in Princeton ...

... next door to our old one!

The France
for the voyage home.

in New York

A strike delayed departure ...

so up the Empire State building

the summit from the upper gallery ...

... and the ground

back to the harbour
the Leonardo da Vinci

off to the World Fair again

sailed at last

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Images: Edixa camera, Kodachrome slides, scanned; web reduction with Photothumb