Unclassified Pictures, 1983

Herrenhausen Gardens, Hannover

Warwick, Leycester Hospital, July 1983

Stephen's Graduation
July 1983

Cambrisge with Stephen & Mike
July 1983

Giessen with Melanie
July 1983

with Manfred & Brenda Winewisser

Leibig Museum


with Gabi Lunte

Heidelberg with Melanie
July 1983


Checkpoint Charlie

Russian Embassy

The Brandenburg Gate

The Neue Wache

The runined Cathedral reflected in the People's Palance

Humbolt University

The Berliner Dom

The ruined inside

Pergammon Museum

The Berlin Wall

The Wannsee

Charlottenburg Palace

August 1983

Train ferry

The Mermaid

Grundtvig's Church, Bispebjerg

Boat trip

Royal Yacht

Church of our Saviour

With Marion and Hendrik Wulff

Marion & Hendrik

Tivoli Gardens

Pat's Birthday

Kronborg Castle (Elsinore), Helsingør

with Marion & Hendrik

The Institut Day
walk from Hedemunden to Hann-Munden

K-H Hoyermann and John Dove in the centre

Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Göttingen

Pat in the laser lab.

Hans- Gerd Loemannsroeben

Boat Trip from Hann Munden along the Weser


Kloster Bursfelde

Wilhelm Busch Mühle, Erbergötzen
Pat only

Weimar, an illegal visit
Start of the holiday
August 1983

Goethe and Schiller

August 1983

The Zwinger


The Stallhof

Brno to visit George & Jaja
August 1983

Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul, Brno

The Opera House

Spielberg Castle

Peter Sedlar


August 1983

Vltava River

The Charles Bridge

within Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral

Beroun, Czechoslovakia
September 1983

The hotel corridor

Karlstein State Castle
September 1983

The car, unfamiliar in Eastern Europe at that time

The Achensee, Austria

The Achensee Bahn


Maurach, Austria
September 1983

The Achensee

The Church

Walk on the Rofan


on the Rofan

The valley and the Inn valley beyond

The Achensee

Day out in Innsbruck
September 1983

The Goldenes Dachl

The Marie Theresa Triumphal Arch

Repeat of a honeymoon meal

In the Hofburg

Marie Theresa

A walk near Achenkirch(?)


Rothenburg ob der Taube
on the way home
September 1983

The Rathaus

The Altar in St Jakobskirche

The Weisseturm

Mike's Birthday and visit from Stephen & Gabbi

Mike, Gabbi & Stephen


The Boys

and Mum

The East German border

Friedland: Refugee Denkmal

Septmber 1983

The Dom

Louvain, Waterloo & Luxemburg
September 1983

Free Radical Conference at Louvain



September 1983

Porta Nigra

The Dom

Neef on the Moselle

Our House
September 1983

The House


Our Dachwohnung

The Tieze children

On the way home - Putten, NL
September 1983

with Wilfried van Walt van Praag's father, nearly 40 years on

His "Greek" temples

To home
September 1983


Tony and Dana Cervenka, and son

Christmas, 1984

pre-Christmas visit
Paul & Rosalind

Christmas Day Walk - Wrekin?

The family post-Christmas visit
Stephen & Rosalind

Paul & Michael

Stephen playing football
on crutches

Post Christmas Dinner

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Images: Pentax 70 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb