1984 Pictures in Chronological order

Atlanta and Florida
January 1984

Gatwick Airport

The hired car, on our way to Atlanta

With Rochelle, on the skyride up Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

Photo: postcard

On the Stone Mountain summit, in borrowed hats

Disney Magic Kingdom
January 1984

The Thunder Mountain Railroad

in the evening

Clearwater Beach
Conference on Singlet Molecular Oxygen

Kennedy Space Centre
January 1984

The Epcot Centre
January 1984

A Water Squirt!

Cape Canaveral
January 1984

The assembly building

The Everglades
January 1984


American Bittern

Reddish Egret


Blue heron



Turkey Vulture

Swllowtail Butterfly

Florida Crow?

At home again, with test pictures for Richard for an English Language text that he was producing..

"Paying for parking"

"Going Shopping"

The end of the model raiway; space needed for visting children.

bonfire ...

...in the garden

York Minster
March 1984

A tourist attraction

A walk in the snow on Buckden Pike, Wharfedale
March 1984

Skiing in Tignes with Christopher and Gwenda
March 1984

On La Grande Motte

La Piste Perdue

In a hole

The end of the day

Tignes: Val Claret

Less elegant moments

Tignes: Lac de Tignes

Lunch ...

... and a sleep

with Mike & Stephen, who travelled and stayed separately

Chatterly Whitfield Mining Museum with Anne & Bill
May 1984

Shining Tor with Anne and Bill
May 1984

Tatton Hall
May 1984

Mam Tor
May 1984

Blist's Hill, Iron Bridge Museum with the Gittins
May 1984

Proofing a Coracle

The inclined plane

The Tar Tunnel

Exhibits in the museum

Webb 9F 0-8-0

Great Whernside
May 1984

Fountains Abbey

Canada Geese with Goslings

Odd Walks

Cannock Chase
May 1984

Moel Fanau with Enid
May 1984

Caer Caradoc with Pat and Gurnos
May 1984

Churnet Valley & Alton Towers
June 1984

In hs room
photo; Terry Bolam

Question time!

Cacti & Wiring

Flowering Cacti


The results of re-wiring: obsolete 5A & 15A plugs

Our 26th Wedding Anniversary Party
June 1984

The cook!

In view; John & Jean Gittins, Pat Jones, Frank Glover, Enid, Melanie

Kath Glover, Pat's Mum, the Plesch's

In view: Andy Hopkirk, Andy Billington, Don Richards,Gurnos Jones, Shiela and David Morgan

Pat with the family, her parents, Rosalind, Nicky and Stephen's Guest

with the boys

The boys, Rosalind, Nicky and Stephen's Guest

Grandparents and Grandchildren

with Enid (our Bridesmaid)

The Liverpool Garden Festival with Enid
June 1984

Nathan Rich and the Potteries Marathon
June 1984

Nathan, ready for the off

The start

half way

at the finish


Emmanuel College May Ball
June 1984

with Rosemary Thrush, Nicky and Mike

Brain Thrush (right)

Rosemary with a friend!

Rosemary & Brian

Unknown escort


Waiting for the survivors photograph

Lunch at Emmanuel College
June 1984

with John & Jean Gittins

Michael's Graduation, Emmanuel College
June 1984

The graduate

with Grandma and Granddad

Tour of the Gallery

with his proud parents

with Nicky

Punting on the Cam with Nicky and Mike
June 1984

Sailing to Brittany with Eric Whittle and Mike
July 1984

Mike, gull winged

Eric & Mike

Mike and Ian off Lands End

The Channel with the moon


Pointe du Raz

Quimper Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral; excursion from the Gas Kinetics meeting at Nottingham, July 1984

Southwell Minster; excursion from the Gas Kinetics meeting at Nottingham, July 1984

Chatsworth;excursion from the Gas Kinetics meeting at Nottingham, July 1984

with Klaus Luther

with Hans-Gerd Lömansröben

Little Moreton Hall with friends from Göttingen

Hans-Gerd, unknown, Gabbi, Herbert, Bernard

Summer Holiday, August 1984
Berlin & East Germany

The Dahlem Museum

The Siegessaule

The view to the East

The Russian War Memorial

The Brandenburg Gate - behind the dividing wall

The Reichstag, unoccupied


The Berlin Zoo Aquarium

Bad Schandau, DDR

Sankt Johannis

Czechoslovakia, August 1984


Walking to Poland




With George, Jaja and Peter in Brno


Rudka Caves with statues by S. Rolinek

Austerlitz, Battlefield Map

The battlefield

Moravska Gallery, Brno



Our hotel with the British Car


Austria, August 1984

Back through the iron curtain

The Eisriesenwelt

Walk to the Eisriesenwelt from Werfenweng

Walk through the Lichtenstein Klamm

Festung Hohenwerfen


Festung Hohensalzburg

Festung Funicular

Salzburger Dom

Climbing the Tauernkogel

Regensburg; Dom St Peter

Nuremberg Transport Museum

The Lorenzkirche, Nuremberg



The Bamberger Reiter



Munster; Rathaus; Peace of Westphalia

Munster, St Paulus Dom

Model of Birmingham New Street Station at a suburban house, north of Birmingham.

Whitmore Church

Whitmore Hall

the Stables

Cader Idris
Autumn 1984

Cader, across the Barmouth estuary

Barmouth Bay

Funghi (Fly Agaric?)

Cader Idris, the summit

Lyn Cau

The summit

Peter's 50th Birthday Party and ScD Celebration

The cake

The Eats

The guests
David and Angela Drakakis Smith and the Campbells

Margaret & Bryan Pease

David Morgan, Derek and Hillary Laine, Sheila Morgan

Paul Collis, David, Aurelie Tees, Kathy Dixon, Ian Millar, Derek - Stephen serving, Chris Harrison, Melanie, Pat Jones

Cutting the Cake, with Michael, and Denis Dixon

Gurnos Jones and Melanie

Modelling the gown

the Loot!

Christmas 1984

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Images: Pentax 70 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb