1985 Pictures in Chronological order

January Walk: the Stiperstones

Caer Caradoc

Mytton Dingle

to the West

The Devil's Chair

Kinder Scout
with the Keele Mountaineering Club

visible: Pat, Gurnos (President), Pat Jones

Parsnip harvest

Keele Walk in the snow

The Larchwood garden (March)

Peter's ScD at Emmanuel College Cambridge
February 1985

The family including Grandma and Granddad, Anne & Bill, Rosalind, Nicky and Karen; Peter in his PhD gown

Mike & Pat in, respectively, their Batchelor and PhD gowns

Pat modelling her PhD bonnet

Our academic family ...

... with their very proud fatherr

with Grandma and Granddad

Peter in his ScD gown

Paul & Rosalind

Nicky & Mike

Karen & Stephen

Granddad and Grandma in borrowed bonnets!

Grandma with Anne & Bill

The food

Skiing in Meribel with Michael and Nicola
March 1985

Cime de Caron, Val Thorens

Mike's photo

The end of the day

Heading for a fall!
Mike's photo

The correct way
Mike's photo

Mike's photo

the Teleben?

Mont Blanc

Looking South

The second week chalet party

North Wales Circular Rail Trip
March 1985

Llandudno Junction

From Llandudno Junction to Blaenau

Ffestiniog Railway
Blanche at Blaenau Ffestiniog

A forgotten trip to Charmouth
Spring 1985

A forgotten barrow

Charmouth beach & the Golden Cap

A grand fossil

Towards Lyme Regius

A forgotten prehistoric earthwork

Kew Gardens
Spring, 1985

Black Swans

Kew Palace

Spring flowers and heather

Clematis Montana, June(?) 1985

A forgotten driveway

Haughmond Abbey
A summer walk

A forgotten visit
Early summer 1985

In Yorkshire?

A forgotten abbey

A forgotten priory church

Kinder Scout; early summer 1985

Top of Kinder Downfall

The Downfall

Kinder reservoir

Popular with sheep

Bleaklow with Pat and Gurnos Jones

Searching for --

- - and finding Labrador Tea

Kinder Reservoir?

SCR Walk in Shropshire
Summer 1985

Probably on Long Mynd
Lunch with rain coming on.

Re-modelling Crewe station and junction

Sailing to Ireland with Eric and Pat Whittle & Michael
July 1985

Westra moored at Dun laoghaire

Excursion to Dublin

The Dart returning from Dublin

Leaving Larne on the ferry home

The Hanging Stone and the Roaches
July 1985

Stephen visitng his Grandmother (Peter's mother)
July 1985

Holiday in the Western USA
San Francisco, the Red Woodsand Berkeley
July - August 1985

The Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

Outward Bound

Paddling in the icy Pacific

China Town

The City from Diamond Heights

Church of Saints Peter & Paul

Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption

Berkeley Campus
15th Shock Tube Symposium

The Redwood National Park
Conference Excursion

with Wesley Smith

Model of San Francisco bay
Conference Excursion

San Francisco Bay
Conference Excursion

Amtrak: from Oakland to Reno and Salt Lake City

Oakland Railraod Terminus, Union Pacific


Union Pacific Station, Salt Lake City

The Arches National Park, Utah

Under way

Heber Historic Railroad

Arches National park

An evening walk


Walk in the heat of the day

See the deer?

An evening walk along the Colarado

Our hired
Buick Somerset Regal Coupé

Mesa Verde National Park

Spectacular views from the canyon rim

A Kiva

in a Kiva

A wall painting
stitched image

A humming bird at our motel

Monument Valley, by car

South across the desert

The Lake Powell Dam

The Power House

The Turbine Hall

The Switchgear Hall

Grand Canyon
Walk on the North Rim

The Widforss Trail


Views from the rim

Wild Turkey

Zion Canyon National Park
August 1985

On the way in: Checkerboard Mesa

On the Narrows Trail

Taking to the water

On the way out from Zion

Bryce Canyon National Park
August 1985

On the Riggs Spring Trail from Rainbow Point

On a trail near Bryce Point

Amtrak: Salt Lake City to Granby, Colorado

Early morning at Salt Lake City

Arrival of the train from California

Coupling up the half from the North West

Through the Rockies

Granby, Colorado

Almost alone in the evening sunlight

17th International Conference on Free Radicals

Excursion to Trail Ridge





with Steve Colson

Trip to the South West
September 1985

Tewkesbury Abbey


An old railway on the moor

St Pancras Church

Walks with Nathan Rich and Lars Kihlborg
Autumn 1985

Around Hartington with Nathan and Lars

Photo: Lars

Photo: Lars

Photo: Lars

From the Cat & Fiddle
Photo: Lars

Photo: Lars

Shining Tor?
Photo: Lars

Mike and Nicky and a visit to Peterhead

Mike before his departure to a position in Total Oil In Peterhead
September 1985

with Nicky

Peterhead; on the beach
November 1985

May Poppins!


A rig in the harbour

A dam

Christmas at Larchwood, with Paul, Rosalind and Michael

Bonfire in the garden

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Images: Pentax 70 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb