1986 Pictures in Chronological order

Miscellaneous Winter Walks

Unkown sink hole!

Probably Ramshaw rocks from the Roaches

Kinder Scout with three students on the President's Walk?

On the Hamps?


With Pat Jones - but where?

Visit to Pat's Parents

With Pat's Mum at Ferry Meadows

Completed by Pat in two and a half years: - an Embroidery of Kopenhaven.

An easier task - jig saw.

Peterhead, to vist Michael

Skiing at La Plagne and Les Arcs

La Plagne with Stephen, Nicky, Michael, Gwenda and Christopher

Perfect skiing?

Nicky and Stephen
Photo: Michael

Photo: Michael

Photo: Michael

Les Arcs with Gwenda and Christopher

Rosalind skiing
Photo sent to us by Paul

Paul skiing
Photo sent to us by Paul

from April until September

Snow in April

Stphen visiting us with Karen

The Bismark Turm

The Tierpark in the Göttinger Wald

Dettingen; visiting Monica and Richard

Basilika Birnau am Bodensee

from a postcard

Bronze Age Village
Pfahlbau Museum, Bodensee

with Simon

Ulm Munster

from a postcard

Along the Neckar and the Weser
May 1986

Neckarsteinach Castle


On the border with East Germany

Along the Weser

The Weser ferry

with Manfred & spouse
from a print

with Heli
from a print

May 1986

Crossing the border by train


The Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Altar

Ischtar Tor

Berliner Dom


The Aquarium and Zoo




Dinner Party for us
given by Jurgen & Heli Troe
May 1986

Almut Luther, Joerg Schroeder, Pat, Jurgen

Frau Schroeder, Klaus Luther, Heli

with Heli & Almut

Walks, mostly unknown
June and July 1986

Up a ...

... tower

Evening walk with the Troe's
Heli with daughter, Tina

with the family

Unknown town

Unknown walk ...

... to a Spring

Munich, to lecture at the Forschungszentrum Garching
July 1986

On the way - a Stork on its nest

Unknown town

Munich: Rathausplatz

The Hofgarten

The Assam Kirche

The Rathaus and the Frauenkirche

Deutsche Museum

The City from the Museum

Schloss Nymphenburg

Die Schoene Frauen

the Schlosspark from the Schloss

The grotto church in the Magdalenenklause

The Grand Cascade


Amelienburg; the blue room


The Pagodenburg

The Botanic garden, with Cacti

The Palm House

Rowing in the Englischer Garten

Wedding of Hans-Gerd and Hanna Loehmanns-Roeben
Schloss Katlenburg
July 1986

The happy couple

Schloss Herzberg

Summer holiday in Sweden, partly with Melanie

Stockholm, 1986

The train from Salsjobaden

Boat excursion to Sandhamn with Lars Kihlborg

Stockholm harbour

Between the Islands

Bathing in the Baltic at Sandhamn

with Lars

The return boat arriving

Stockholm City Hall

The Vasa

In the museum

Orebro castle

Staying in Lakene, Värmland

Our Cottage

with Melanie

With unknown neighbours

Ekshárad Church

Walk on Rådhojden Hill

The Washer Women

Oslo to see Melanie off back to England

The Munch Museum

The Vigeland Sculpture Park

"not facially perhaps"

Oslo City Hall

The Fram Museum

The Kon-Tiki Museum

The Viking Ship Museum

Akerhus Castle; the Blue Tower

from the Castle

Return to Lakene


Copenhagen, August 1986

The Christianborg Palace
Parliament Building

Schleswig Cathedral

August 1986

The Residenz

Munich (again)
for the Combustion Symposium

At the reception
Photo: Symposium Photographer

Our Poster

Relaxing with Jurgen and friends

Schloss Lustheim

Schloss Schleissheim

The Chapel

The Olympic Swimming Pool

The Rezidenz

Gallery of Modern Art

In & around Göttingen
September 1986

The Rathaus Markt

Swimming in the Seeburger See

The new ICE line south of Göttingen

A 40 km walk in the Harz over a weeekend

The Annual Visit of the Schornsteinpfleger

The stairs at the Institute ( we worked at the top)

Vist of Andy Billington & Julie to work on Andy's thesis

In the Harz

Meissen (September 1986)

Brief pause in Dresden

Leipzig, September 1986

Bach's grave in the Thomaskirche

The International Trade Fair, 1986

Waiting for the Leader

Erik Honneker (waving) going into the Russian Pavilion

The Battle of Nations Monument

On the way (unknown)

On the way (unknown)


The Institute Walk

with the secretaries, Ludwig and Reinhard Zellner


Giessen to visit ...

Karen & Gabbi

Kempen, to lecture in Duisburg

Thomas a Kempis

Uni Duisburg

Treis Karden (Mosel)

Burg Eltz (Mosel)

National Garden Festival
October 1986

Wedgewood Hall

With Enid

With Enid and Melanie

Paris to vist Michael
November 1986


Napoleon's Bed!

Looking towards the Arc de Triomphe from La Defense

The Place des Voges

In the Marais

The Arc de Triomphe

Walk: Hope, Lose Hill and Mam Tor

Hope Cement Works

Christmas with Nicky, Michael and Stephen

Walk up the Wrekin; Iron Bridge Gorge Power Station

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Images: Pentax 70 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb