1989 Pictures in Chronological order

First day in Garmisch_Partenkirchen
New Year's Day, 1989

with John and Ellen Jerre

Moving the furniture into the new flat

Unloading the apparatus at the old institute in Hindenburg Strasse

Unloading furniture at home
5th January

Visit to Max Planck Institute in Mainz
February 1989

Mainzer Dom

Hochgurgl our first skiing visit to the Wurmkogel
February 1989

Looking North (Soelden)

Looking South (Obergurgl)

The Wurmkogel

with Tomi & Irma, whom we met there

The new car after overnight snow

Our brand new car!

Flying visit from Stephen & Jo

The flat, now furnished with our own and new furniture

The living room

Dining end

The Nepalese carpet

The bedroom

Car trip to Brussels and England
March 1989

Blackheath with Nicky
March 1989

The old car, now owned by Mike and Nicky; our new one

Pat & Nicky

Fiona's birthday in Peterborough
March 1989

with Paul

with Grandma

with Rosalind

Four generations: Rosalind, Pat, Fiona and Pat's Mum

with Greatgrandma and Greatgranddad

with Grandparents

Home again

Easter walk to Elmau and Mittenwald


near Elmau


Looking back from Mittenwald

Oslo for an SSC meeting

The Royal Palace

In the Holmenkollen Ski Jump lift

Pat to the Norskvolkmuseum.
Stave Church

Home again and visit to Melanie in Devon

The Vorderer Ziegspitz from the bedroom balcony

Cactus thriving after the move

Trip to England for a meeting and a visit to Melanie in Devon

Home again

Zugspitz Massif from the balcony

The Kramer _ view from the bed!

A weekend in Siena

Staying at the Fattoria Belevedere, Poggibonsi



Palazzo Publico

Torre de Mangia

The Duomo

From the Duomo



Home again

Walks: Esterbergalm & the Rotenkopf

Visitors to the Wank Station, May/June 1989

Anne & Bill

Deborah MacKenzie (New Scientist)

Zugspitze from the Wank

Frohleichnam (Corpus Christi) Holiday and Procession
May 1989

Decorated House

Street Altar

The Waxenstein

Tricky in the wind


Linderhof, June 1989

The Grotto

The Maurischerkiosk

The Lost Camera

The Trachtenverein Procession, August 1989

The Krottenkopf and Ester Gebirge

The Zugspitze

The Fricken & the Wank

The Wettersteinwand

The Zugspitze

Panoramic view

The Kramer summit

The Wank and Partenkirchen

The Wettersteinwand and the Kreuzeck

Nigel Bird

Summer Holiday, August/September 1989
Over the Grossglockner

The Grossglockner

Split, Croatia
(at that time Jugoslavia)

The Cathedral

The ferry leaving Split

Excursion by bus to Dubrovnik

On the fortress walls

The main town

View over the city from the walls

Hvar - holiday on the island; visit to the town and elsewhere



Learning to Windsurf ...

... on the only windy day!

Walk to the Brüntelskopf
September 1989

The Kramer from home

Looking towards Farchant and Partenkirchen

The summit

Looking north towards Eschenloe

The Oktoberfest, September 1989

Varese, Italy for the COST Conference
September 1989

Gerd Moortgat, Øystein Hof, Tony Cox, Pat and "now forgotten"

The EUROTRAC poster

Flowering cactus

Pat's discharge flow apparatus, for studying the effects of gaseous singlet oxygen on materials

Up to the Kreuzeck via the Stangensteig
October 1989

for the Eureka Meeting
October 1989

The Grand Canal, in the rain

The Bridge of Sighs

St Georgio Maggiore
the site of the Eureka Meeting

Santa Maria del Salute

San Marco Cathedral

The Doge's Palace

The Campanile

Within the Palace walls

St Mark's from the Palace

From the Bridge of Sighs

The Arsenal

Equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni

Home in Garmisch again

Melanie's Visit
November 1989

At the IFU Wank station




with Neuschwanstein

Mike & Nicky for the weekend
November 1989

A day visit to the EUROTRAC GCE Field Campaign to study clouds and fog
St Pietro Capofiume, Bologna

Football after a 60 hour fog episode

From the main mast

Sunset, with more fog coming

Visit to Bundoran with Anne and Bill
November 1989

With Anne & Bill




Walk to Ruine Werdenfels
Peter's Birthday, 1989

Christmas 1989, with Stephen, Mike and Nicky

Walk at Linderhof

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Images: Pentax 70 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb