1990 Pictures in Chronological order

Sonnenbichl, January 1990

Swedish & Turkish Representatives with David Warrilow (UK)

Kari Kveseth (Norway) with the ISS Director, Wolfgang Seiler

Gianni Angeltti (EC) with Waltraud Wekerle and the Finish Rep.

Heinz Ott (EC) & the French Rep.

Wolfgang Seiler, ISS Director, 50th Birthday Party

Institute Entertainment. with (centre) Herr Schoen and Franz Meixner

Jana Slemr, Paul Crutzen, Franz Slemr with Pat in her newly-sewn Dirndle

With Christian Junge, Doyen of German Atmospheric Chemistry

Skiing in Garmsich with Christopher and Gwenda

Actually on a week's trip to Val Thorens

On the Zugspitsplatt with Christopher and Gwenda

Enjoying German skiing (walking up to get to the lift!)

The Eibsee from the Zugspitz summit

Looking North West

The Summit Cross

Looking North up the Garmsich Valley

On the way to the airport!

near Altdorf?


Wind damage in the woods following a big storm

The Ostersee

with Herbert & Doris Plack on the Kramerplateauweg

The new Institute (IFU) and preparations for the first EUROTRAC Sympsium

From the old office window

Irmgard in her new office

The new home for the EUROTRAC ISS

Wolfgang Seiler, dirctor of IFU and the ISS

Our team of helpers for the Symposium.
Irmgard, centre; Pat and Frau Schmidt on the right

The Scientific Secretary with all the packed goodies for the Symposium Participants.

Ready to go

With our own EUROTRAC poster

The Conference Excursion
by hired train to the Zugspitz
Pat taking the opportunity to ski.
photo: commercial

Enid's Visit
April 2017


With the Hochalmbahn

Visit to the Residenz, Munich

Walk along the Partnach ?
April 1990?

William's Birth
April 1990


The Proud Parents

With Dad and Grandma

With Granddad

Felicity's Birth
April 1990


With Granddad

With Grandma


Fiona with a friend

With Grandma

At home with Fiona and Felicity

Laon Cathedral

Sunset from the walls

Walk up the Partnach Klam and beyond
May 1990

Spring Gentian
Gentiana Verna

Marsh Marigold
Caltha Palustris

Garmisch; the grand parade of the 10th Bayerischen Landmusikfests, 1990

Rome: a Eureka meeting and sightseeing
May 1990

The EUREKA Research Conference


The Vatican Museum

St Peter's

The Sistine Chapel from the Roof of St Peter's

The Consiliazione

The Vatican Gardens

Whit Sunday Procession

The President

The Victor Emmanuel Monument

The Forum

The Arch of Septimus Severus

Constantine's Arch

The Arch of Titus

The Entrance to the Colisseum

The Colisseum

A Party at Ehrwalderstrasse
June 1990

with Irmgard

The loot!!

Visits from the Winneys and from Melanie
June 1990

with Peter and Pat Winney
photo: Melanie

photo: Melanie

With Melanie and Pat Winney

The Linderhof Grotto with Melanie

Small Blue butterfly

Walk round the Wank
June 1990

Regensburg for an EMEP Emissions meeting
july 1990

Walk to the Brünstelkopf
Stepberg Alm, Enning Alm, Vorderer Felderkopf to Farchant
Twelve and a half hours
July 1990

Pat on the the summit

Looking back

Blackheath to see Mike, Nicky and Will
Pre-trip to see Pat's parents at Home Nene


Train to Heiterwang and bicycle home
July 1990

Walk from Elmau to Schachen

Schachen in the distance

Waiting for the Fuhrung

The magic inside ...

... with none of the spectacular views from the stained glass windows

Where Ludwig sat

Leaving on the spiral staircase

The Kachelofen downstairs

looking east; the way back

Looking north over Garmisch

Looking West: the Partnachtal


The retreat

Kloster Ettal (not part of the previous walk)

for a Gas Kinetics conference
Sptember 1990

The Cathedral

Conference Excursion to Perugia

Felicity's Christening in Peterborough
September 1990


With the three grandchildren, Fiona, Felicity and Will

Great Grandma with Will

At the Christening

Stephen as Godfather

The proud parents

Two grandmothers

Great Grandmother



Great Grandma

Modelling the Dirndl

Football as always

Sisters in the bath

Peterborough Cathedral

the Guildhall, or Buttercross

Shopping in Queensgate

Spain: Madrid for a COST conference
September 1990

Sunrise from our hotel

Palacio Real

Ben Retiro Park

King Alphonso 12th

Palacio Real

Catedral de la Almudena


King Phillipe 4th

El Escorial
September 1990

The monastery front

Surely the best place I have slept?

Toledo; conference outing
September 1990

Phillipe & Schitzka Mirabel

Gert Moortgat

Ronda; holiday outing with Anne & Bill
October 1990

The Puenta Nuovo

Granada outing with Anne & Bill
October 1990

In the Alhambra

Bill & Anne

The Fountain of the Lions

Gibralta outing with Anne & Bill
October 1990

Looking towards Spain

The Mediterranean

on the summit

Montejaque in a cottage with Anne & Bill
October 1990

Yugoslav Entertainers

From our garden

The " Mountain"


Cordoba outing with Anne & Bill
October 1990


Our cottage

Autumn Walks, 1990

Walk to the Kreuzeck

Snow up above



Garmisch from above

Walk up to the Kreuzeck in the fog and snow

Uncle Henry's Funeral
November 1990

Michael, Nicky and Paul

Nicky with William

Ella Freeman with a neighbour

Ella Freeman with her two sons, Rodney and John and their wives

Brass Tracing?

Visit to Peterborough
November 1990



Will's Christening
Market Drayton, November 1990


Will with his Dad

The family group

The proud parents

Micke with Will, and Fiona (Nicky's sister) with her little girl

Will with his Auntie Georgie


Proud Grandmother

Visik to UK for a meeting; December 1990
Start Point with Melanie

Visiting Mike & family in Blackheath

Birthday boy at 56!

Christmas in Garmisch with Stephen and Conny

With the loot!



Carving the turkey

New poster

Unknown Aquarium
Either Dec. 1990 or Jan. 1991

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