1991 Pictures in Chronological order

The final approach

The view across the valley

The winners

Weekend in Hochgurgl; setting out from the hotel

Skiing sequence with the new camera

The Oeztal

The Dolomites


Garmisch, trying out the zoom

Biberweir, the upper slopes

Ehrwald, looking towards Lermoos

Trip to Wuppertal, Bochum, to see Fred Stuhl and then to Frankfurt (to see Stephen & Conny) and Darmstadt, to see the Plachs

Markbreit: lunch by the Main

Along the Rhine

The Lorrelei

Darmstadt with Doris and Herbert Plach

The Russian Chapel

The Spire of the Russian Chapel

Art Nouveau at the Hochzeitsturm

A visit from Paul & family


with Fiona

Carrying Felicity


Fiona skiing

Rosalind and Felicity

Rosalind improving

At Biberwier

The Zugspitze



Skiing briefly with Kath & Bert Adams in Mayerhofen
February 1991


Kath, Bert and John

Walk around and across the Ostersee
February 1991

The Ostersee with the Heimgarten in the distance

Crossing the lake

Hall in Tirol and Innsbruck
March 1991

The Pfarrkirche, St Nikolaus


Goldener Dach

Hochgurgl, skiing with Gwenda and Christopher
March 1991

The Wurmkogel

Hotel Life!

THe Wurmkogel Farm

Haflinger Horse

Herr Doktor Haid, the Proprietor

Evening exercises

... and games

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial with Gwenda
March 1991

March 1991

In the Wiese with the Institute in the distance and the Hoellental Spitzen behind

Alpspitz and the Hoellental Spitzen



The Ferchensee and the Wettersteinwand behind




Water buttercup

Walk on the Murnauer Moos, April 1991

Alternate leaved golden saxifrage

White butterbur

Passing Unterer Grainbichl

Wood Sorrell

Wald Violet

Potsdam, April 1991

Sansoucci Palace, Potsdam

Berlin, April 1991

Berlin Zoo; Pelicans



with a Zebra


The Pergammon Museum

Fredrick the Great

The Berliner Dom

Pat's Parents' Diamond Wedding, Reception at Home Nene, & Lunch at Paul's House, 27th April 1991





Felicity, just walking

Will, just walking


Grandma with two great granddaughters

The Diamond Wedding Couple

A happy family

Stephen and Conny

Grace and Arthur; the cake

Pat serving

Lunch at Paul's House; Fiona



Mike, Nicky and Will

Fiona and Mike


Mum, Steve, Grandma and Mike

with Conny

Rosalind, Fiona and Granddad

Granddad with Nicky and Paul

The Family Party, including the dog!

The Ladies, and Will

Mum with her boys

Football in Paul's Garden

Will at home in his cot

Some Alpine Flowers seen on walks around Garmisch
May/June 1991

Trollius Europeans, Trollblume, Globe Flower

Polygala alpestres, Mountain Milkwort

Primula Farinosa, Birdseye Primrose

Gentiana Dusii, Grossblutiger gentian, Trumpet Gentian

Gentiana Verna, Spring Gentian

Soldanella Alpina
Mountain Tasselflower

Coltsfoot, Tussilago Farfara

Globularia Nudicaulis, Kugelblume

Early Purple Orchid, Orchis Mascuta

Lotus Corniculatus, Gemeiner Hornklee

Primula Auricula, Bears Ear

Alpine Butterwort, Pinguicula Alpina

White Butterbur, Petasites Albus

Wamberg Church

May 1991

With Marcia and Bob Brown

Sheltering, prior to bandoning to play Bridge

The Fronleichnam Boat Amada on the Staffelsee
June 1991

The main boat with the Priest, acolytes and the Band

An Altar on the shore

A boat altar

Rowing later in the day

Great Northern Diver

A visit from Michael, Nicky and William
June 1991



Nicky and Will

Clematis Alpina

By the Eibsee

Mountain Honesty, Lunaria Rediviva

One flowered Wintergreen, Moneses Uniflora

Shruby Milkwort, Polygala Chamaebuxus

With the dog bowl at the Almhutte

Hohe Ziegspitz
June 1991


The summit; Zugspitze in the background

The Eibsee

The Kramer



To England
June 1991

Sompting Church

Pat's Grandparents' grave

Greenwich; the Observatory from the Queen's House

The Palace

The Greenwich Meridian

Clock escapements


Climbing the Notkartspitze, July 1981

The Ettaler Kloster

The Wank

The Ettaler Mandel

The Notkarspitze summit

Murnauer Moos

The view from Oberau

Melilotus Officianalis, Echter Stinklee

Angelika Sylvestris, Wild Angelica

Filipendula Ulmaria, Meadow Sweet

Impatiens Glandulifera, Himalayan Balsam

To England again, August 1991


Nicky and Will in Blackheath

Comma and Peacock Butterflies

The Comma

Enid with her two dogs

The IFU Betriebsausflug, August 1991

The Group in the underground water reservoir north of Oberau

The Kloster at Benediktbeuern

Along the Donauradweg; Passau to Vienna
August 1991

Soon after departure from Passau

The Abbey Church of Stift Wilhering

St Martin's Church, Linz


The Altes Rathaus

A White Admiral Butterfly

Stift Melk

The Library

Ferry across the Danube

Downhill, all the way!

Scabiose Columbaria, Field Scabius

Vienna, Dom St Stefan

Outside with the bikes

Stitched photo- foreshortens the height of the spire

Kloster Melk, from the train

Back to Passau by train
St Stefan's Dom

Trip to Verona for the Ballet and the Opera

Verona, The Cathedral, Santa Maria Matricolare

Santa Zeno Bascilica

Juliet's Balcony

Climbing the Brunnenkoepfli

A fritillary

Looking north east

Boating on the Petit Rhone and the Canal du Midi
September 1991
Cruise Log Book

Seyne les Alpes

Six Spot Burnet

Our Boat: Eau Claire 930
seen in the circular lock at Agde
Cruise Log Book

Approaching Aigues Mortes

The castle and Lighthouse

From the castle
Cruise Log Book

The town and walls

The boat; moored

Along the walls

Across the town

The Walls

The Carmague
Cruise Log Book

The Abbey of St Giles

Morning visitor

Early morning near St Giles
Cruise Log Book


Herons on the Petit Rhone


Église de la Notre Dame de la Mer, St Mairies de la Mer

St Mairies de la Mer

Écluse de St Gilles
Cruise Log Book

Canal du Rhône à Séte

Frontignan, Église St Paul

The lift bridge at Séte
Cruise Log Book

Etang de Thau
Cruise Log Book

Canal du Midi

Entering the deep lock at Beziers
Cruise Log Book

Aqueduct at Beziers

Beziers Cathedral

Columbiers tunnel
Cruise Log Book

Gathering grapes

The crew at work

Return journey
Cruise Log Book

Lift bridge at Séte
Cruise Log Book

Rome Conference
September 1991

Santa Maria Maggiore

The Colisseum

La Chiesa del Gesù


Walk up to the Höllental

Looking north up the Garmisch valley

Above the Partnachklamm

The rock fall blocking the Klamm

Visit of Pat & Gurnos
October 1991

Stiftkirche Rottenbuch

The Wieskirche

With Pat and Gurnos Jones on the Osterfelder

Vienna Conference
November 1991

The Schönbrunn Palace

The Secession

New Carpet

57th Birthday

Pre-Christmas with Paul & family



Granddad, Rosalind & the girls

Father and Daughter

Paul and his Grandma

Christmas in London with Michael and Family

Girl with a Dolphin, near Tower Bridge


With the family with the tower behind

Tower Bridge

Helping with the packing

To Ireland to visit Anne and Bill, December 1991

Anne and Bill

Mullaghmore: a large fossil

Mullaghmore: fossil

Mullaghmore: fossil

Mullaghmore: fossil



The sea

With Bill and Anne

Breakdown with Bill's car

Enniskillen Castle

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Images: Pentax 100 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb