1992 Pictures in Chronological order

Skiing in Ehrwald, Biberwier, Hochgurgl and Corvatch (Silvaplana), Ischgl
Winter 1992

Gwenda in Biberwier
February 1992


In front of the Zugspitz

Corvatch (Silvaplana) map
January 1992, March 1992

New skii suit
March 1992

New suit in action (March 1992)

April 1992

Visit from Paul & family to Garmisch
February 1992

with Fiona

Felicity with the bricks ...

... and the farm

Skiing, probably at the Eibsee
photo: Paul

Fiona and Felicity
photo: Paul

with Felicity and the snowman
photo: Paul

photo: Paul

photo: Paul

Rosalind and Felicity, beginners all!
photo: Paul

Paul's girls

EUROTRAC Symposium 1992
March 1992

Excursion to Neuschwanstein

David Warrilow

Phillipe Meribel

The Continuous Poster Session

Poster by Paul Crutzen

The winning poster

Practical demonstration at a poster

Spring visits, 1992

for Singlet Oxygen Meeting

Walhalla, Donaustauf

Altensteig, Schwartzwald


Phillipe Meribel with daughter

Phillipe and Shiska


Cathédral de Notre Dame de Strasbourg

England, April 1992
Visits and delivered sailing dinghy to Rick Marshall

William's second birthday

Visit to Godstone Farm

Trying to fathom out the maze!


Walk on the Ridgeway in Wiltshire



viewing Felicity's dolls



The Stamps - a gift from Pat's father

Murnauer Moos

Looking south towards the Krottenkopf

Water Aven

Marsh Marigold

Bog Rosemary

Water Chickweed

Wood Tiger Moth

Black Veined White

Pearl Bordered Fratillary

Common Milkwort

Yellow Wood Violet

Tree Fungus


Alpine Butterrwort

An outcrop on the Moos

Slipper Orchid

England, to visit the new born James
june 1992

Proud Grandfather


Nicky - Proud Mum

Proud Dad

and proud Grandma


Walk in the Esclainetal
June 1992

Pearl Bordered Fratillary


Heath Fratillary


Visit from brian and Margaret Pease
June 1992

Purple Emperor

With Brian and Margaret on the Kreuzjoch

Viewing the Alpspiz

Looking north



Common spotted Orchid

Linderhof, the fountain

The Maurische Kiosk

Help need after yesterday's walk

Lindau Meeting
July 1992

The harbour entrance on the Bodensee

A hired boat

Karlsruhe meeting

Storm clouds

In the zoo


Polar Bears


On the way home

Gas Kinetics Conference in Reading
iinitial visit to Blackheath, July 1992

With William

Nicky with her children

The brothers


Bicycle Tour along the Isar from Mittenwald through Munich to the Isarmundündung
July 1992

Isartal, beyond Wallgau

Abtei Schäftlarn

Munich: in the centre of the city with our bicycles

A large caterpillar

Freising, The Dom

The library

Landshut, St Jodok?

The Landshut Nuclear Power Station

Idyllic riding

Tansy; Chrysanthemum Vulgare

Landau an der Isar: St. Mariä Himmelfahrt

A long day!

At Isarmündung: the confluence with the Donau near Platling

End of the ride!

To the Isar Source
Mittenwald by train; bicycle to Scharnitz and the source; train from Scharnitz
August 1992

The valley above Scharnitz

The source

Schloss Ambrass for the Austria-Hispania exhibition

Boating in Mecklenburg and Berlin
September 1992
Cruise Log Book

Berlin: the Russian War Memorial
by bicycle

The Nikolai-Kirche

Cycling in Berlin

The Fernsehturm

Schloss Charlottenburg

Friedrich Wilhelm I

The Orient; our boat, at the Marina Lanke-Werft, Spandau
Cruise Log Book

On the Oder-Havel Canal
Cruise Log Book

Cruise Log Book


The Schoss Oranienburg

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

On the Malzer Canal going north
Cruise Log Book

"Heavenly Anchorage" on the Voss Canal
Cruise Log Book

Scheuse Bredereiche
Cruise Log Book

Near Fürstenberg

Cruise Log Book


Schloss Rheinsberg
Cruise Log Book

Schloss with our boat

Schloss with our bye-boat

Our boat from the Schloss

Cruise Log Book


Schleuse Lehnitz
Cruise Log Book

on the Oder-Havel Canal
Cruise Log Book

Berlin - Pergamon Museum

The Berliner Dom
Cruise Log Book

Klatovy, Czech Republic
on the way home

Blackheath to visit Michael and Family
September 1992


Nicky with Will and James


Happy Dad

Herrenchiemsee with Stephen
October 1992

with Stephen


The grand staircase

The incomplete staicase

The lift for the dining table

Budapest for a TOR meeting
October 1992

Stephen 1st of Hungary

The Parliament Building

Matthias Church

The Danube

With Sabine Torok, the IEC Representative

Nigel's visit
October 1992

The Wieskirche

Nigel (right) helping to shovel snow dumped by ice hockey team mates to occupy a newly wed neighbour

Saltsjöbaden and Stockholm
October- November 1992


With Christina

With Lars and Christina, the friends with whom we stayed

All Souls Day: Lars and Christina tending their parent's grave

In the local church at a performance of Verdi's Requiem

In the Church of the Epiphany, Saltsjöbaden

The Wasa; ship and museum in Stockholm

Stockholm: St Clara's Church

In Storkyrkan, Stockholm

Walk from Ehrwald
November 1992

The Alpspitz

Over the Ridge to the Eibsee

The Clock
November 1992
gift from Uncle Henry; willed to William

The completed embroidery of Stockholm
November 1992
the kit bought in Copenhagen; the sewing by Pat

James's Christening
November 1992

James Alexander Borrell

with Conny and James



Felicity, William and Fiona

With Nicky, his Mum

Proud parents

Happy family

With Aunty Georgie

Signing the register in church

Godparents; Fiona (Nicky's sister) and Stephen

Parents and godparents

With John Pedley, the other Grandfather

with Paul

Stephen & conny

Rosalind and Felicity

Paul and Rosalind

The boys: Michael. Stephen and Paul

Stephen and Conny's Engagement
November, December 1992

Pictures at James's Christening

The Verlobungs Party, Kônigstein im Tanaus

Dutch courage

Conny's mother, Conny's niece

Christof, Conny's mother,Conny's niece, Mehta

with Paul Rowe, Stephen's friend. Josef, Conny's brother-in-law, in the backgroud

Britta, Conny's sister

Mehta with his two daughters, Conny's nieces

Vistiing Michael and family at Brandram Road



Nicky and William

Michael and James

Christmas with Paul and Family in Perborough

On the Nene Valley Railway, Christmas Special

Post-Christmas Frosty Walk

The River Nene

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