1993 Pictures in Chronological order

January Sunrise

Visit to Michael's new home in Chatou
January 1993




Grandma working!

with James

In the park

Donkey transport

James with donkey

The family with the Eiffel Tower

With the family and the Eiffel Tower


Conny & Stephen visiting us in Garmisch
January 1993

With Stephen

Conny and Stephen

Stephen making an angel

With Conny

With Conny by the frozen Riessersee

Michael & family to ski
February 1993

The bricks in use!

The Zugspitz Bahn, setting off from Grainau

First try at Biberwier



Proud Grandma

Late snow in Garmisch, March 1993

Visiting Mike and family in Chatou
April 1993

In the Parc de Versailles

English Church - where?

Stephen & Conny's new house in Düsseldorf, April 1993

in Claustal-Zellerfeld Strasse

Helsinki & Porvoo
EMEP Workshop on Photo-oxidants


The Lutheran Catehral, Helsinki

Suomelina Fortress


Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki

The Sibelius Monument

Porvoo EMEP Meeting: one of our posters

Conference Centre

Porvoo Cathedral

Hohen Peissenberg, April 1993

The Wallfahrtskirche

May 1993

King Jose I

Praca Marques do Pombal

Lift linking the upper and lower parts of the city

The Cathedral

The Castle

The Pantheon

The President reviewing his troops


The fish market

Aveiro for the BIATEX meeting


Great Dunn Fell
for the GCE Field Campaign

Appleby Church

On the left: Sandro Fuzzi (Bologna, GCE Coordinator), Tom Choularton (Manchester, local host)

One of the German groups

Examining one of the several installations

Sensors outside and instrument caravan/laboratory

Great Dunn Fell

Appleby station on the Settle & Carlisle Line

Shauinsland, Black Forest, for a planning meeting

The Group with Lucy Carpenter in front

The organiser, Andreas Volz-Thomas (right)

The Shauinsland Field Station

Monica with her grandson

Tina, his mother

Walk: The Ettaler Manndl

Walk: Osterfelderkopf


Alpine Butterwort

Alpine Penny Cross


Scented orchid

Treacle mustard

Easter Cactus at home

Published at last: the book from the 1992 Symposium

Walk: Seinskopf, bei Krun

Swallowtail Butterfly

Angera and Lago di Maggiori
July 1993

Rocca di Angera


Isola Bella


Chatou to visit Michael and family
July 1993



Parc St Cloud

Berne Avenue, Düsseldorf, bicycle rides
July/August 1993

With Stephen and Conny (behaving badly!)

The rear view from 6 Berne Avenue
showing the orginal back hedge and the few trees on the hill, prior to replanting

Cycling by the Plansee, on the way from Heiterwang to Garmisch

Decending the Niedernach Tal


Bicycling across the Murnauer Moos

Boating in Friesland
August/September 1993
Cruise Logbook

The Skipper!

Moonligh over the Zwarte Woude

Activity on the Heegermeer


Strong Wind

Prinzenhoff Liegerplatz



Princess Margaret Canal

Cruise Logbook

Conny and Stephen's Wedding
Düsseldorf, September 1993
A written account of the Wedding

The Invitation

We arrived to find the Polterabend cancelled and Stephen in hospital having been operated for a severe cut on his foot!

Conny and Stephen's Wedding
At the Hospital!
Images re-taken from the Photoalbum
A written account of the Wedding

Stephen in hospital

With Annette, Conny's Sister, Josef, her husband, Chistof, their son, Markus, Conny's brother and Conny

Conny, still in good form

A visit to Zons

At home with the wildlife

Conny and Stephen's Wedding
The Civil Ceremony at the Standesamt
Images re-taken from the Photoalbum
A written account of the Wedding

With Conny's Mother, Mrs Bruckner

The Bridegroom, still handsome on crutches

The Happy Couple

In front of the Registrar

With famiies and friends after the ceremony

Michael, on his 31st birthday

James and William

James with his Grandmother

Conny and Stephen's Wedding
At the Church
Images re-taken from the Photoalbum
A written account of the Wedding

Stephen with Godfrey, his best man

Conny with her Bridesmaid, Chistiana

The Bridegroom's Mother

The Bride's Mother, Mrs Bruckner

The Priest

in St Mathew's Church

The Priest with Christiana, Conny and Stephen, and Godfrey

With the Borrell family and Godfrey

The Happy Couple

With Nicky

With the Bruckner family

Mike and James

The Bridegroom's Proud Parents

Centre: Melanie

Conny and Stephen's Wedding
The Reception
Images re-taken from the Photoalbum
A written account of the Wedding

The Bridal Group with parents


The Best Man and Bridesmaid

James with Granddad

Another use for crutches



Will and his Dad

Melanie with Bruce Mortimer

Britte (Conny's Sister) and her husband, Menem

Conny's Aunt and Uncle, playing their part in the entertainment.

Markus, Conny's brother and his wife, Cordelia


Dancing on three legs

Cutting the cake (a Baumkuchen)

Melanie with Godfrey and Bruce


Melanie with Conny

Walk on the Rötelstein, near Ohlstadt
September 1993

The Kochelsee

October 1993

Felicity and Fiona

Doreen and Ted's Golden Wedding

with Anne and Bill, in our hotel

with Frank and Ivy

Bill and Doreen

Frank, Anne, Ivy, Bill and Doreen

with Ted

Niece, Susan making the presentation

Cutting the cake

Tribute to Doreen and Ted

The family: Ted, Susan, Michael, Emma, Doreen and Paul

Doreen and Ted with Ivy

The four siblings: Peter, Anne, Ted and Frank

The Siblings with their spouses

Frank and Ted

Walk on the Hausberg
October 1993

The Waxenstein

The Zugspitze, with the Institute in the foreground

The new Richard Strauss fountain outside the Kongresszentrum in Garmisch

Bologna for an SSC meeting
November 1993

Torre degli Asinelli and the Torra Garisenda

San Vitale e Agricole


Palazzo Communale

Looking down on the Garisenda Tower from the Assinelli Tower

The Appenine Way

Köln - at 11 AM on the 11th day of the 11th month; the beginning of the Carnival
Attending a Feiertag for Adolf Ebel

Walk round the Riessersee

The Waxenstein

The Alpspitze

Venice for an ALPTRAC meeting
December 1993

At the bus stop going to the meeting

"Our Palace" on the Grand Canal

... going to the meeting

The ALPTRAC group

Basilica dei Frari

Our palace again

The Arsenale

Monumento di Colleoni by Verrochio, 1496

Basilica di San Marco

The Doges' Palace

Christmas with Conny and Stephen in Düsseldorf

Christmas Dinner

The Rhine in flood

Dusk over the flooded fields

Home in the snow

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