1994 Pictures in Chronological order

Norway, for a meeting of EUREKA and the opening of the Winter Olympics
January 1994

Ouside our hotel, north of Lillehammer

Dressing warmly to go outside

A Troll in the woods

An angel victim

Lillehammer, for the opening of the Winter Olympics

The crush to get into the stadium

Dusk with the national flags

Rustic ice dancing

Constructing the Olympic Rings

The egg to release a bird of peace

The fireworks

Home in Garmisch - the kitchen

Skiing in Klosters with Gwenda and Christopher
February 1994

Photo: Christopher

Pre-dinner drinks
Photo: Christopher

New snow
Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

On the train between Klosters and Davos
Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Photo: Christopher

Flaine, skiing with Mike and Nicky and the family
March 1994

Will trying out the ski-lift

James and Will

Stephen arrived! - with Mike

Proud Dad!

James with his Dad

Will with his Mum

The family




Steve and Conny

Felicity at the playground


Dressed for a party

Dressed for bed

Church: probably Wisbech, St Peter & St Paul

Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station

H.M. Richardson Memorial Lecture given to the Inst. of Refractory Engineers at the BCRA, Stoke- on-Trent, March 1994

The Medal, presented to Peter

Home to Berne Avenue

EUROTRAC Symposium '94
April 1994

Snow to welcome the particiapnts

Part of our team of helpers
Frau Schmidt (2nd from the left), Herr Hintermeyer, Frau Réthoré (on the left)

Group on the right: Irmgard Réthoré Herr Hintermeyer and Patricia

Just a few of the many posters, organised by Patricia

The Particpants

The opening session
Peringe Grennfelt, Wolfgang Seiler, Sjaak Slanina, Sandro Fuzzi, Eric Fellenius (Chair), Peter Borrell, Karl-Heinz Becker, ?, Tony Marsh

Tony Marsh

Roy Harrison

Dieter Kley, Heinz Haas, Sylvain Joffre

Sandro Fuzzi

Henning Rodhe and Adof Ebel

with Frank Raes

Howard Sidebottom

Irmgard, announcing the cancellation of the Conference Excursion because of fallen trees brought down by snow on the railway line to Innsbruck

The Conference Dinner: The opening Alpenhorns

The Conference Dinner: Wolfgang Seiler presenting one of the Poster Prizes

Prize for Wolfgang Junkermann, from Garmisch

One of the winning posters

The Conference Dinner: Entertainment

The Conference Dinner: Peter Builtjes, ?,?, David Fowler

The closing discussion session
Richard Wayne, Peter Builtjes, Peter Borrell (Chair), Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Öystein Hov, Peringe Grennfelt, Peter Warneck, ?

With Peter Warneck

Tom Choularlton and Peter Warneck

Urs Baltensperger

The Proceedings, largely edited by Patricia which appeared six months later.

April 1994

The Belvedere

St George and the Dragon

St Vitus Cathedral; Prazsky Hrad

The Teyn Church

Firemans' Obstacle Race

Brno with George and Peter Sedlar

Kings Lynn and Peterborough
May 1994

With Pat's Dad

Pat with her Dad

with Pat's Mum



Ely Cathedral

Jmaes in Paris
May 1994

Will & James

Flowers on the Bernadine Weg and the Kreuzjoch
May 1994

Daphne Magereum


Linum Viscosum; sticky flax

Piptoporous Betulinas

Schloss Tratzberg
June 1994

Wedding Anniversary - sent from Charleston!

Thunder Clouds over Garmisch

The Heimgarten
June 1994


Peterborough for Pat's Dad's Funeral
July 1994




James & Nicky

Felicity and Will

Pat's Mum with Rosalind

Nicky and Patricia




Mike and Felicity

Rosalind and Nicky

Goodbye to the family

Pat with her mother

Walk from the Hausberg to the Hochalm and down via the Bernadineweg

Lilium Martagon


Yellow Oxeye

The Wettersteinwand

The Bergmesse on the Hochalm

Common Valerian

Broad Leaved Hellebore

Sarh, born 14th July in Düsseldorf

Proud Dad

Proud Grandma

Proud Granddad

Proud Parents

Sarah Grace
Photo: Stephen

The Price Field Campaign, Schauinsland, Black Forest, July 1994

The Instrument Tower with additional scaffolding

Referee's Inspection?

Referee at work?

With butterfllies

Stemless Carline Thistle


Party Hostess

Field Station

with Lucy Carpenter and other colleagues

Party Invitation

Informal Volleyball

Andreas Volz-Thomas with the PRICE referees, considering the results
scanned from photo-album prints

Sarah, Conny and Stephen in Garmisch
August 1994

Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Ascent of the Alpspitze with Stephen
August 1994

On the Via Ferratta

On the summit
Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Stephen and home from the summit cross
Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Against the Zugspitze
Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Down to the Hochalm
Photo: Stephen
scanned from photo-album prints

Japan, for a Conference and a holiday
September 1994

The 2nd IGAC Conference in Fujiyoshida

Wedding egagment at our hotel

Shrine visit by hired bicycle

Shinto priest blessing a new car

Mount Fuji

Kimono Dressing and Tea Ceremony

Conference Excursion

With Barbara and Jim Pitts

Mount Fuji

The Castle - Matsumoto-Jo

From the roof


Kenroku-en: one of the three best gardens in Japan!


An Egret

Reikani Temple

Eikando Temple; opening of a kindergarden with attendant Grandparents

The Kannon Bodhisattva

The Kannon Images

The Hall: Sanjusangendo

Nijo Castle

Geisha Demonstration


Turtles in a lake


Interacting with Nara Deer


Todai-ji Temple

Dinner at home in formal dress

Train to Tokyo

Mount Fuji


Travel from Tokyo

Shinkjo Bridge


Peter up the Hoher Fricken and Krottenkopf, while Pat is in England
September 1994

The Zugspitz

The Kramer

The Finzbachtal

Horher Fricken

The Krottenkopf

Clermont- Ferrand for the EUMAC workshop
Ocotober 1994

The Cathedral Noir

Notre-Dame du Port

Snow on the Puy de Dome

From the Puy de Dome

with ?, Peter Warneck and Adolf Ebel

At the summit

Romanesque Churches

Clermont Ferrand again

Walk to Elmau

From the Eckbauer

Grass ski jumping

Charlie's Birth in Paris
Ocotober 1994

Proud Grandma

Proud Mum

Proud Granddad

with James

Proud Dad


Roskilde for an ASE meeting
November 1994

Roskilde Cathedral

With Marion and Hendrick in Copenhagen

With Sarah and Conny and a PRICE meeting
November 1994


with her Mum

Solothurn for a SSC meeting
November 1994

Back: Tony Cox, Adof Ebel, ? van Aalst, Stuart Penkett, Giani Angeletti
Middle: Gerry ?, Tony Marsh, Dieter Kley, Peringe Grennfelt
Front: ?, ?, Sandro Fuzzi

Various celebrations for Peter's 60th Birthday
December 1994

Party for Peter at the Fraunhofer IFU in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

With Klaus Schaefer

With the technical staff

Greeting from the Chef, Wolfgang Seiler and his secretary, Walthraud Weckerle

A bouquet from Irmgard.

The Delivery, not of a large present, but a new instrument container for the Institute

A birthday party at home in Garmisch

The cake, made by Patricia

With Margot Schaefer (left) and Frau Schmidt (right)

With Herr Schmidt

A real party: balloons for the departing guests

Examiing the "loot"

With the opened presents

Off to ski on Christmas Day

Part of the family at the Haycock in New England, Peterborough

With James and William

Charlie in his customary pose

Michael and Stephen


With Conny, Stephen, Mike and Nicky

On the Nene Valley Railway

with Felicity, William and Thomas the tank engine

With James and William

With Charlie, Felicity, William and James

With William, James and Felicity

The engine

The Party for Family and Friends at the Haycock

Gurnos Jones and Kath Adams

Bert Adams and Christopher with Stephen

Conny and Melanie Thorne

Margaret Pease and Gwenda

Brian and Margaret Pease

Pat and Gurnos Jones

Conny and Michael


Pau with Nicky

The supper

Concentrating on the game

Charlie in his customary pose

Melanie, Conny and Christopher

With Christopher and Gurnos

Gurnos, Nicky and Brian

Kath, Stephen and Pat

Margaret, Paul and Gwenda

Michael, Margaret and Paul

The cake

The speech!

With Melanie

Breakfast the morning after

Margaret, Gwenda, Kath and Bert

Pat, Christopher and Brian

Gurnos, Pat and Margaret

Nicky, James, William and Rosalind

Fiona and Felicity

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Images: Pentax 100 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb