1995 Pictures in Chronological order

Snow in Garmisch
January 1995

The Alpspitz

The Waxenstein

Stephen's Best Pot

More snow - a few days later

The car

Clearing the street

Istanbul, Turkey
for an IEC meeting
January 1995

At the New Munich Airport
Security Picture

The Haggia Sophia

The Baghdad Pavilion

The Gate of Felicity

The Bosphorus

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

with scaffoldiing

St Savior in Chora

The Tefkur Sarayi

The Galata Tower

The Bosphorus Bridge

Dolmabahce Sarayi

The Yeregatan Sarayi - the Basicica Cistern

Schlittenfarhrt near Elmau, with the German - American Club
February 1995

Skiing in Grindelwald
February 1995

The Eiger


The Eiger and the Mönch

The Jungfrau



Grindelwald Station from our hotel room
The train is to Keline Scheidegg

Train to Interlaken

On the way home: Eindseidlen

Snow again at home

Visiting Mkie and family at Chatou
April 1995


James and Will



Charlie, having just bathed

Offa's Dyke and Stokesay Castle
April 1995

On Offa's Dyke, near Knighton

Stokesay Castle

Ludlow Castle
April 1995

The Golden Cap

Stickwort, Stelliara Holostea

Wild Garlic, Allium ursinium

Yellow Archangel, lamiastrum galeobdolon

Primula vulgaris

Cuckoo flower Cordumina pretensis

Robin and Sheila Pearce

Lords and Ladies Araum maculatum

Male fern,
Dryopteris felix-mas

Wood spurge euphorbia amygdaloides

Early purple orchid

Sarah's Christening
April 1995

Pat sewed a Sampler for ...

... Sarah

Charlie and Sarah

Mike with Charlie and Sarah

Mike and family crossing the Rhine to Zons

Visit to Zons

Riding the pigs in Zons

James with Grandma

Nicky and Mike

Ice creams

At home in Hellerhof with Conny

Felicity in Hellerhof

Felicity and Rosalind


Felicity with Paul

Stephen and Sarh in Church

The Christening

Grandma with Felicity and Fiona

The family group


Mike with Paul's girls

Farewell to Will

Visiting Paul & family
May 1995

Munich airport


Fiona and Felicity


With the family






for the 10th World Clean Air Congress
May 1995

Conference Excursion to the Finish Wilderness

The Presidential Palace

Visit of the Dutch Queen

The Dutch Queen and the Finnish President

Two walks - around the Eibsee and the Wank
June 1995

Thörle Hutte

Round the Wank, where we met Kerry Kelly for the first time

Farewell to Tomi Cvitas

Dipping cherries

The result

Frau Seiler and Tomi

Herr Seiler, Irmgard and Jurgen Hahn

Boulder for the 21st IUGG General Assembly
July 1995

Munich Airport; security picture

Boulder Creek Trail

Washington State
visiting Marcia and Bob Brown
July 1995

Seattle with Marcia and Bob

Lake Washington

Seattle skyline

The Space Needle

Hurrican Ridge

The Olympic Mountains

Swallowtail Butterfly

La Push, and the Pacific Ocean

Swimming in the icy cold Pacific
Is it a question of attitude?
scanned from a print

Another attitude problem
scanned from a print

The Brave
scanned from a print


"Do not stand on the logs; the surf may roll them"
scanned from a print

Victoria, Vancouver Island

The Brown's House

Space Needle

Seattle from the top

with Marcia and Bob

To Kamloops to visit Katy and Colin

Lake Nicola


With Katy and Colin

Rain Gear

Helmcken Falls

The Frazer River

Home - and Road renewal outside

Window renewal inside

Much Hadham
on the way from Stansted
August 1995

Scuptures by Henry Moore in his garden at Much Hadham

St Andrew's Church

Sewn Kneelers

August 1995

Bath Abbey

Pulteny Bridge

Stephen and Sarah


Charlie's Christening
August 1995

Charlie and Sarah with their respective mothers, Nicky and Conny

Sarah with Grandmother

Will (left) withhis cousins

James (right) with Fiona (Nicky's sister) and a cousin

Audrey (John Pedley's second wife) with Charlie and cousins

Will with two grandmothers

Tim (Nicky's Brother)

Nicky with her grandfather

Audrey and Charlie

John Pedley, Nicky's Dad

Conny, in an intelligent phase!

with Michael

Conny, in a camera phase

Charlie, dressed for the event

Nicky, the proud Mum, and Charlie

Charlie with Grandma


Charlie and Sarah

The Proud parents with Charlie at the Christening

Charging the font

Parents and Godparents

Will receiving a candle

The Cake

Charlie and his parents

Out to dinner the next evening with Nicky, Stephen, Michael and Conny

The Sampler sewn by Patricia



Charlie with his Great Grandfather

St Albans
August 1995

The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban

Sterzing, on the Brenner Pass en route to Verona
August 1995

Pat's Birthday
August 1995

Dinner for two

Walk from Elmau to Schachen
August 1995

Comma butterfly

Sarah In Düsseldorf
September 1995

Geneva for an EMEP meeting
September 1995

EUROTRAC - waiting for the start

In the grounds

The UN Building; built for the League of Nations

An unexpected display

In a detached mirror

St Peter's Cathedral

Statue by Heinz Schwartz

The Reformation wall

From the left: 2nd and 4th: John Knox; John Calvin

Oliver Cromwell

5th Century Roman Mozaic

The Geneva Fountain

Walk on the Karwendel
September 1995

Looking across the Inntal

Meadow Brown

Walk at Bad Saulgrub and the Hornli
September 1995

Circumventing the Landslip

On with the road works at home!

September 1995

The White Tower

Alexander the Great

The Rotunda


Church of San Demetrius

City Walls

The City

Porti Carras, Greece
Conference: Air Pollution '95
September 1995

Painted Lady

? Moth

Large Blue

Meadow Brown

The Hotel; Beach Walk

Emmanuel College, Cambridge
October 1995

The Chapel

Walk: The Kreuzeck
October 1995

The Wetterstein Wand

Well earned rest?

October 1995

Athens for the NATO Advanced Workshop on Ozone
November 1995

The Acropolis

Pat with Gianni Angeletti

The Parthenon

With the NATO tour group

The Parthenon

In the museum

Excursion to Cape Sounio

The Archaeological Museum

Not perhaps the perfect figure!

Excursion to Delphi

The Oracle returned?

The Navel of the Earth

Melanie's Visit
November 1995

Hoher Ziegspitz in the snow

Innsbruck in front of the Goldener Dach

Snow long the Loisach

The Alpspitz

Peter's 61st Birthday

Christmas with two of the families

Stephen and Michael with the three boys

With Will and Charlie

The Christmas Tree

Sarah and James

mike with Will

Steve with Sarah

Nicky with Will and Charlie

The delight and bubbles



Grandma serving Christmas Dinner

Mike, Nicky and family

Stephen, Conny and Sarah

Watching videos

Sarah still enjoying herself

Charlie too

The worker enjoying a well-earned rest

Sledging (Will

Mike and James

Alte Pfarrkirche

Making an angel

Vorderer Ziegspitz

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Images: Pentax 100 zoom; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb