1998 Pictures in Chronological order

Returning home to Garmisch-Partenkirchen
January 1998

Dawn on the Ferry to Europort

Brighter, later

Duesseldorf with Conny and Sarah

Home - the Alpspitz

The Waxenstein and Zugspitz

Skiing in Hochgurgl, just for the day
January 1998

From the hotel, towards Obergurgl

Vienna, to visit IIasa

Visiting the Breugel Exhibition

Walking up the hill to see the 1998 Skiing World Cup
January 1998

Ticket to the finish area

Inflating a balloon near the finish

A television view point

Patricia visiting Banchory (while Peter was in Washington)

Mike's house and new car in Banchory

To London, Newcastle and Norwich
April 1998

St Mary Le Strand

St Clement Danes

The Monument

Tower Bridge

Southwark Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

The Globe Theatre

St Paul's again

Entering the City

Blackfriar's Bridge

Big Ben

Norwich Castle

Walk to Elmau and Mittenwald

Removal of the International Scientific Secretariat from Garmisch to the GSF in Munich

Clearing out the office before re-decoration

Garmisch is still home!

The Tankard, a gift from the IFU Stammtisch

Visiit to Sicily with a group organised by Studiosus Reisen
May 1998


Syracuse; the Greek Theatre

Our Tour Guide

Roman Amphitheatre

Syracuse Cathedral

Temple of Apollo

Acanthus spinosus

Piazza Amerina

The Mozaics

Agriigento: the Valley of the Temples

Temple of Hera

An Atlas

Temple of Juno

The Quarry at Cusa

Cave di Cusa

An Adder with a mouse


Temple E

Convolulus tricolour

Cathedral of Monreale

The cloisters

Palermo; Capella Palatina

Out tour group

Palermo: San Giovanni delgi Esemiti

The Cathedral

Walk to Piana delgi Albanesi

Legume Lathyrus (?)


Gyandiris syssirynchium

Vicia villosa



Orchis laxifolia (?)

Ornithogalum umbellatum

Anacampsis (?)


Our tour group

Taormina and Etna

Etna, just visible

Etna from the road up.

Demolished in the last eruption

Some of the forest was left

Our hotel room

The Greek - Roman Theatre

Timothy's Christening
Düsseldorf, 31st May1998


With Stephen, the Proud Father

With Sarah

Rebecca (Godmother) Conny, Stephen & Timothy

Pat with Sarah

Embroidered by Grandmother (Pat)

Behind: Annette & Josef, Conny's Mother (the other Grandmother)

Standing at the back: Chris. and Christiana

With Enid, Sylvia and Melanie
June 1998

With Enid in Chester

Sylvia and Enid in Chester

Walking with Melanie above Dartmouth

Noss Mayo Church (St Peter, the poor fisherman)

Sunset over Dartmoor

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary at Bamburgh in Northumberland

James in the bubbles - can you see Michael who is there too?

On the beach with Bamburgh Castle behind.
Michael, Fiona, Charlie, James, Grandma, Felicity, Will, Sarah, Nicky, Rosalind and Paul - missing: Timothy (asleep), Conny & Stephen

Charlie, Felicity, James, Fiona, Sarah, Will

The very proud Grandparents

Fighting in vain to save the castle as the tide came in.
Sarah?, Rosalind, Stephen, Will, Granddad, Fiona (behind)

Paul, Rosalind, Fiona and Felicity
Lindisfarne Castle behind

Stephen, Conny, Sarah and Timothy
Lindisfarne Castle behind

Exploring the rock pools

Michael, Nicky, Will, James and Charlie
Lindisfarne Castle behind

Lindisfarne Priory

The children's dinner
Felicity, Will, Fiona, Timothy (facing away)

Michael and James


The proud grandparents

With the boys and their ladies
Nicky, Michael, Conny, Stephen, Rosalind and Paul

Opening presents!

with Timothy

The grandchildren
back: Felicity, James, Fiona, Will
front: Timothy, Sarah, Charlie

Conny, Stephen, Sarah and Timothy

Bamburgh Castle

Seals on the Farne Islands

The Lighthouse. Michael and family with Granddad

Charlie and Nicky admiring a swimming seal

Eurotrac meeting (Coordinators?) in Kuhbachstrasse
June 1998

Ready for the off!

Tim Jungblut, ? , Frau Schartmueller and me

Frau Schartmueller (my personal assistant)

Roy Harrison, Birmingham

Anton Eliassen, Oslo

Markus Amann, IIASA

Sören Larson, Roskilde

Frank Raes, EC, Ispra

Ulrich Schurath, Bonn

Eurotrac IEC Meeting, Latvia
July 1998


Riga Railway Station in the rain
Tim jungblut, Giovanna Finzi and Sören Larson

The Freedom Monument, Riga

St Peter's Church


Irmgard's 50th Birthday Party
July 1998

Pat's frock

All dressed up!

With Irmgard and Roswitha

Irmgard and Jean

A lovely evening

Music inside


GSF Bretriebsausflug
July 1998

With Tim Jungblut and Colleagues

Bayrische Wald

Trip to England; Kings Cross, July 1998

Walk from the Heimgarten to the Herzhogstand
July 1998


The Heimgarten

With Sarah and Timothy in Düsseldorf

Sarah with her new Dirndl, made by Pat


Showing off the new Psion

Climbing the Simetsberg
August 1998

Almost on the summit

The Walchensee, Heimgarten and Hertzogstand

Zugspitze in the distance

Returning from Verona over the Timmelsjoch

The Timmelsjoch pass from the Brenner to Hochgurgl

South Africa; 1. Cape Town and Table Mountain

The South Atlantic Ocean

Table Mountain

South Africa: 2, Cape of Good Hope

Cape Point


Penguins, nesting in a car park


South Africa: 3, The Garden Route, along the South Coast

Swartberg Pass

Cango Caves

Oudtshoorn Ostrich Farm

Knysa with the tourist express

From our room

The Kranshoek Trail, along by the Indian Ocean

Cape Daisies?


The mouth of Storms River
Peter on the bridge

South Africa: 4, The Addo Elephant Park

Bush Elephants



South Africa: 5, Pretoria with Janet Hughes

Voortrekker Monument

With Janet Hughes

The Monument

First Dutch Reformed Church

Paul Kruger

with Janet Hughes

South Africa: 6, Bourke's Lock Potholes


South Africa: 7, Kriger National Park




Baboons and Zebra


Our Pre-conference tour group

African Hamerkopf







The bush: the usual view from the bus

Cape Buffalo

A herd of Cape Buffalo

Marabou Storks

Storks and Egrets

Greater Kudu





A group of Hippomotami


Bushlands Game Lodge



Our tour group at breakfast




Cattle and Zebra

Bush Protrait


Dumazulu Zulu Village

Various Zulu showing their former attire

Ladies dancing

Warriors dancing

Durban Botanic and Bird Garden


Maribu Storks

Hadeda Ibis?


Green headed pigeon?

Fiery Necked Nightjar

White Stork?

Scops Owl?

Cape Vulture


Home in Garmisch again
Septmber 1998

Ludwig on the Philosophen Weg

The new Farchant Bypass Tunnel ...

... under construction

Canal du Midi
from Narbonne
October 1998

Toulouse: Bascilica St Sernin

Narbonne, Quai d'Alsace
Picking up the boat
See the cruise log book

Écluse de Moussoulens (overnight)

A view along the canal

Écluse de Empair: breakdown
one of the steerig cables had broken.
We were rescued by the hire company after about two hours
See the cruise log book


The main Canal du Midi


See the cruise log book

The Crew
Pat wearing a gift, A Swiss postal hat, from two Swiss voyageurs

Le Somail
See the cruise log book

Cathedral and Bishop's Palace

Düsseldorf to stay during celebration for Adolf Ebel in Köln

Timothy and Sarah

November 1998

Matthias Kirche ?


Eger, Hungary
with Sabine Törok

In the spa pool, in the rain!

Cistertian Church, Eger

Eger castle

Budapst: the Children's Railway

Genemis outing

Pat with a falcon

With Rainer Friedrich, the Genemis Coordinator


Budapest at night

Kleine Scheidegg for the TOR workshop
November 1998

The Eiger

Lokking north beyond Interlaken

Looking North-West

Conference Excursion; waiting for the train up to the Jungfraujoch

Evi Schuebach

In the glacier

With acquaintances

The Monch

The Jungfraujoch observatory

The Jungfrau

Our last EUROTRAC workshop- - the card which accompanied a gift of two skiing watches

Banchory to visit Michael and family
November 1998

With the family

Climbing Scolty Hill

The Summit


To the sea!




Garmisch in the snow and Kerry's visit

With Kerry

walking round the Eibsee

Stephen and family, sledging in Garmisch
December 1998 - January 1999


Granddad with Sarah

Stephen and Conny

Stephen & Timothy





Stephen & his Dad

The family



Bladon to see Churchill's Grave

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