2021 Pictures in Chronological order

First walkof the year to Keele
Locked Down again!

The new Vetinary building progressing

The Chapel

The Weight of Things, by David Bethell
in Springpool Woood

Jigsaw and flowers

January Snow

From the front window

The garden and the Butts


Reflections in the window

Brother Frank's funeral at Bournemouth Crematorium, relayed on the internet

The Chapel

The order of service

Further snow

Another walk to Keele

On the Butts

The house

Between our woods and Barker's wood

In Barker's wood

The Home farm site ...

... with the Vetinary College ...

... & the Caldwell Building

The lower lake in Springpool

Walking up the Clock House Drive

Lindsay Hall, Larchwood and the Farm

Keele Hall in the sunshine

The Lawn and the upper lake

THe new Vetinary building

Keele Walk, February 2021

Further progress with the Vetinary School ...
seen across the Home Farm ringroad


from the Home Farm Ringroad

The Smart Energy Network Demonstrator
in the former Boiler house

Seabridge Walk
February 2021

Seabridge Hall

February 23rd 2021

A few minutes earlier, the red was even more intense.

Early Spring Flowers
February 2021

Irises and Crocuses


with Snowdrops

A very large crocus


winter heather

Primroses (very few this year)

March 2021; still in lock down!

Jig Saw (but where did it come from and when)

Walk with Pat to Keele

The bottom of Barker's Wood

Adverising the Low Carbon Energy Demonstrator

The Courtyard Hotel, just opened

The new Vetinary School, progressing

A gift!

Frogs in the pond with lots of frog spawn

The Heron, looking forward to lunch!


Walk to the woods and the village

The lowest lake

Entrance from Lymes Lane

Lymes Lane; the village end

The Willow Tree at home

April visit from Michael

April 2021, still locked down

Singaport Orchids

The Home Farm development with the Harper-Keele Vetinary School and the Courtyard Hotel

Walk to the Uni and Keele Village

Walking with Michael on a May visit

Tulips and primulae


Enjoying the evening sunshine with the Andertons

May 2021
the final lock down?


May walk to the Uni and back.
bluebells in Barker's Wood

Hail on the path following an unexpected storm

Rhododendrons by Keele Hall

The present campus

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Images: :Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Camera; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb