Walks 2017

New Year Walks, 2017

Round the Block

Silverdale, the Greenway, the Greyhound and the Parkway

Newcastle Greenway; junction with the Wammy

The reverse, anti-clockwise, direction

Enjoying the cold sunshine

The Wammy and Cross Heath

Walk to town

Siverdale, Apedale and the Wammy
January 2017

The Greenway with Silverdale Church

On the Wammy

Garners, The Greeway, The Wammy, Apedale, Silverdale and the Greenway
February 2017

Oatcakes at the
Apedale Heritage Centre

Silverdale Church

The Greenway

The route

Cannock Chase
March 2017

On Abraham Way

Avoiding the stepping stones

Macclesfield Forest
March 2017

Tegg's Nose

The goal: Toot Hill

Tegg's Nose

On Toot Hill


Shining Tor

Ascent to Nessit Hill

Looking back at Toot Hill

The Wammy, Apedale and Silverdale, March 2017

The Greenway

Tissington Trail
March 2017


Canal Walk: Stoke Station to Longport

Trent & Mersey Canal, adjacent to the Ring Road


Near the Etruria New Road

James Brindley, the Builder

Hartshill Church

Etruria Basin

Delamere Forest
with Nigel Bird
April 2017

On Pale Heights

The Mersey Estuary with Stanlow on the right

with Nigel

Widboarclough to Three Shires Head
May 2017

Up the Cumberland Brook

with Shutlingsloe behind us

Over Wood Moss

Lunch at Three Shires Head

The Roaches

Shutlingsloe ahead from Cutthorn Moss

Widboarclough Church

The old Post Office; formerly a mill

June 2017

Lovely weather!

Hanley Forest Park
June 2017

The Skateboard Park

Climbing Rocks

Haughmond Abbey
June 2017

The Abbot's Hall

The Refectory

Walk up Haughmond Hill

Caer Caradoc

Back to the Abbey

Rodney's Pillar

The Chapter House

Apedale, July 2017

Rushton Spencer & Rudyard Lake
July 2017

A lovely day

The Lake from Cliffe Park

From the Dam

Too late to catch a train

The walk back to Rushton Spencer

An overestimate but far enough

Shining Tor, July 2017

Shining Tor

Chilly on the summit

The path to Cat's Tor

Shining Tor and Shutlingsloe

The Woodland Chapel

On the trudge back up (the Zag)


Sutton Common Mast

Far enough!

Westport Lake to Golden Dale and back.
August 2017

Westport Lake

Towards Harecastle

Harecastle Tunnel, with the boats waiting to go through

Looking south from Harecastle

The Golden Flame
iin Golden Dale Park

showing the glass phials of messages

Silverdale, Keele and Home
August 2017

The start: home

Silverdale Church
from the old railway walkway

Same, looking back

Above the Keele Bypass

Keele Church from Quarry Bank

New Building on the latest development area

Whitmore Road, Lymes Lane, Keele Village, University & home
September 2017

The Motorway from the A53

Lymes Lane

Keele Church

Apedale, one of several walks there in October & November 2017

The wind turbines, powering the Energy Centre

Apedale walk

Walk aong the Lyme Valley Greenway from the Hospital

Cannock Chase
October 2017

In the Sherbrook Valley

The stepping stones

Back along the ridge

The glacial accidental

The Trig. Point

Amanita Muscaria


Walks during the Munich Opera visit
November 2017

The Englischer Garten
from Studentenstadt to the Chinesisches Turm

Coffe in the cold by the lake

Walk in the grounds of Schloss Nymphenberg

The Hauptschloss

In the Viktuellien Markt

Walk to Keele via the Greenway and Silverdale
November 2017

Silverdale Church

The last train has long gone from Silverdale Railway Station

Cannock Chase
November 2017

The Sherbrook Valley on a fine cold windy morning

The Stepping Stones

climbing back to the ridge

The Telecom Mast

The "Accidental"; Ger: Findling

Walk home from a hospital appointment

Apedale in the snow; end of the year

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