Walks from 1960 to the present

2018 including
Doctor's, Apedale
Wildboarclough & Cumberland Brook
Nessit Hill & Forest Chapel
Toot Hill and Forest Chapel
Macclesfield Forest & Wind Damage
Cannock Chase, Keele & Silverdale
Apedale (several, Shining Tor
Stone to Trentham, Buxton Walks
The Stiperstones
Delamere Forest with Nigel
Cannock Chase, Caer Caradoc
Abdon Burf (Brown Clee Hills)
Apedale, 2018
Further 2018 Walks
Munich Englischer Garten
Llandudno, 2018
New Year Walks
The Wammy; and in reverse
Cannock Chase, Macclesfield Forest
Silverdale Country Park
Tissington Trail, Canal Walk
Delamere Forest with Nigel
Three Shires Head, Apedale
Hanley Forest Park, Haughmond Abbey
Apedale, Rutland Water, Shining Tor
Westport Lake to Golden Dale
Keel & Silverdale, Whitmore Road & Keele
Apedale, Cannock Chase, Munich, Greenway & Silverdale
Cannock Chase, Hospital, Apedale; end of the year
The Wammy, 2017 Englische Garten, 2017 Further 2017 Walks
Munich, Garmisch
Berry Head, Munich (Isar)
Llandudno (Great Orme)
Tobermorey, Canna, Rum
The Cuillin, Solomon's Temple
Goyt Valley, Hurst Casltle
Llandudno, Edinburgh
Apedale with Timothy
Silverdale with Stephen and family
2016 including
Silverdale, The Loop Line
Stoke to Harecastle, The Loop Line
Trentham Gardens to Stoke
Stone to Trentham Gardens
Caldon Canal:; Etruria to Stockton Brook
Caldon Canal  & the Leek Branch
Caldon Canal to Cheddleton, Cheddleton to Froghall, Froghall , Ipstones, Foxt
Macclesfield Forest,
Gradbach to ThreeShire Heads
Apedale, Macclesfield Forest
Earl's Hill, Stiperstones & Shropshire Shuttle
Ostersee and the Starnberger See
Rodney's Pillar, Win Hill, Solomon's Temple
Shutlingsloe, Moel Famau
Nessit Hill, Macclesfield Forest
Stiperstones, Alstonefield, Narrowdale,
The Long Mynd, Cannock Chase
Christmas Walks
 Bluebells at Apedale    Caldon Canal, Leek Branch, 2016 Further 2016 Walks Cardiff Castle, 2016
Chester, Cardiff
Bridgewater Canal
Eremitage, Bayreuth
Brownsea Island
Osborne House
Englischer Garten
Great Orme

Eremitage, 2016
Further 2015 Walks 
Kramerplateauweg, The Alte  Rhein, Spurn Head ,
Durdle Door;  Solomon's Temple, Buxton;
Hurst Castle, Schloss Benrath & the Rhine
Garmisch 2015 Earl's Hill, Pontesbury, 2015 Macclesfield Forest, 2015 2015 including
Macclesfield Forest, Apedale
Macclesfield Forest in the snow
Apedale, Three Shire Heads,
Cannock Chase, Keele, Whixall Moss
Gradbach , Flash & Three Shire Heads; Audlem; Cheddelton,Ipstones and Consall; Cheddleton, Coombes Valley, Consall & the  Caldon Canal
Audlem & Hankelow;
Earl's Hill, Pontesbury
Tittesworth Reservoir
Macclesfield Forest, the Wrekin
Caer Caradoc, Brown Clee Hill
The Stiperstones, Rodney's Pillar
Ilam and Dovedale, The Great Orme
Newborough Warren, Cannock Chase, Stoke, Cannock Chase, Apedale
2014 including
Apedale, Nymphenburg Park, Munich
Cannock Chase, Macclesfield Forest
Newborough Warren, South Downs Way
Bradgate Park with Paul & Rosalind
Rudyard Lake and Railway
Earl's Hill, Pontesbury
Stiperstones and Snail Beach Lead Mine
Caer Caradoc, Lathkill Dale
Bradford Dale, Alstonefield & Dovedale(2)
Munich (3 walks & the Opera)
Narrow, Mill and  Wolfscotedale
Ilam, Hall and Dove Dales
Llandudno and the Great Orme
Cannock Chase; and again!
Rudyard Lake, Christmas Walks, Butterton
Nymphenburg, Munich, 2014     Pat near Rushton Spencer Further 2014 walks
Munich, the Englische Garten
Petworth Gardens
Walkworth, Linhope Spout
Ostersee (Iffeldorf to Seeshaupt)
Buxton (Solomon's Temple & Golf Course)
Karlovy Vary, Schloss Benrath, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
Birmingham and the Lickey Hills
Coote 2014
Further 2013 walks
The Wrekin with Stephen's family
Trenham Gardens, Englischer Garten
ThSaltsjöbadene EisriesenweltGreat Orme, Llandudno
Sarah on the Wrekin, 2013 Rudyard Lake Railway, 2013  Pat on the Manifold 2013 including
Ilam and the Manifold Valley
Shugborough & Cannock Chase
Silverdale, Keele and the University
Flash, Knotbury and Three Shire Heads
Apedale Railway, Rudyard Lake Railway
Whixall Moss, Cannock Chase
Cheddleton, Ipstones and the canal
Ilam, Dovedale and Hall Dale
Buxton, The Monsal Trail
Stiperstones, Brown Clee Hill
Macclesfield Forest, Shutlingsloe
Brown Clee Hill, Hanchurch
Along the Isar, Walker Barn & Tegg's Nose
Ferry Meadows, Cannock Chase
Macclesfield Forest, Apedale, Shining Tor
The Wrekin
2012 including
Onecote & Grindon
Shugborough & Cannock Chase
Waterhouses and the Hamps
Waterhouses, Calton & the Hamps
Apedale, Cannock Chase, The Great Orme
Cheddar Gorge, Ilam and the Manifold (twice), Churnet Valley, Macclesfield Forest, Shutlingsloe, Cannock Chase, Shugborough, Monsal Trail
 The Wrekin, The Stiperstones
Earl's Hill (Pontesbury), Caer Caradoc
Shugborough & Cannock Chase
Cwm Idwal, Acton (SCR), Earl's Hill (Pontesford)
Tegg's Nose, & Macclesfield Forest
Katyn Memorial & Cannock Chase
Macclesfield Forest, Tittesworth Reservoir
Avon Gorge, Macclesfield Forest (twice)
The Trent and the Sow Further 2012 Walks
Schloss Benrath, Richrat,
ausberg Station, Start Point,
Englischer Garten, Stowe
Nymphenburg, Englischer Garten
Tittesworth Reservoir
Stourhead, Glastonbury Tor
Great Orme, Llandudno
Apedale at Christmas
Pat in the snow
 Iffeldorf Church, 2011    Futher 2011 walks
Iffeldorf, Englischer Garten, Schloss Nymphenburg
Cropston, South Downs, Bignor Hill, Lickey Hills
Miller's Dale, Tittesworth
St Germain, Fleckenstein, Eremitage,
Goettinger Wald, Schiermonikoog, Donna Nook,Great Orme, Barnack, Rutland Water
   Snail Beach Lead Mine    2011 including
Hanchurch Woods, Tegg's Nose and Macclesfield Forest
Wrekin, Newborough Warren & Llandwn Island,
Loggerheads (SCR), Cannock Chase
Stiperstones & Snail Beach
Kinder Scout, Ruabon Mountain
Brown Clee Hill, Silverdale
Macclesfield Forest, Box Hill
Shutlingsloe, Rocester & the Dove
Wilboarclough and Three Shires Head
Rudyard Lake, Onecote and  the Hamps
Oakamoor and Alton, the Mermaid and the Hamps, Whitmore Road and Keele University
2010 including
The Hill,  Mow Cop
Three Shires Head, Shining Tor
Cheddleton, Hollinsclough
Silverdale & Alsagers Bank (SCR)
Flash & Three Shires Head
Hanchurch, Ivinghoe Beacon
Goyt Valley, Apedale,
Hartington & the Dales, the Malverns
Fenn's  & Whixall Mosses
Apedale (SCR), Breidden (SCR)
Apedale, Llandudno
The great freeze: on the hill, Christmas walks
Pat at Three Shires Head Futher 2010 walks
The Great Orme, Red Wharf Bay
Leigh Woods, Bristol
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
St German-en-Laye
along the Isar
Further 2009 walks
The Orme, Llandudno
Rheinblick, Duesseldorf

Y Garn 2009 including
Hanging Gate Walks,  Wincle Minn,  
Y Garn,  Rodney's Pillar, Peckforton,
Dane Valley, Brown Clee Hill,  Hawkstone Park
Trentham Gardens, Richrath, Withernsea,
Hollinsclough, Roach End, Win Hill, Winchcombe,
Lathkilldale, Corndon Hill, Stiperstones
Flash & Three Shires Head, Rudyard Lake
2008 including
Berry Head
Macclesfield Forest & Tegg's Nose
Wildboarclough, Danebower Hollow,
& Three Shires Head,
Shining Tor, Flash
Gradbach, Dane Bridge
Wincle,Downs Banks, Stiperstones
Cheshire Canals, Combs Valley
Brassington & Carsington
Minn Edge,
Sutton Common & the Hanging Gate
the Mermaid, Moel Famau
Macclesfield Forest 
    Further 2008 walks
Wank, Kramerplateauweg
Oberau (bicycle), Thorpeness
Sutton Hoo
   Suffolk Walk
 </span></big>   Further 2007 walks
Werner's Rigi, Kreuzeck,
Bismark Turm
Campbell Lake, Rowe Lake
Emerald Basin
    2007 including
1936 Olympic Bobbahn, Manifold
SCR non-walk, Wharfedale
Wildboarclough, Gradbach (2)
Stiperstones; SCR - Trevor
Bradford Dale & Lathkilldale
Macclesfield Forest
Piggford Moor, Shutlingsloe
2006 including
Mam Tor (SCR); Flash;
Goyt Valley; Monsall Head,
Berresford Dale;
Brecon Beacons
Hen Cloud and the Roaches
 Manifold Valley; Christmas
    Further 2006 walks
Whangapoua; Lake Okataina
Tara Lakes; Pete's Peak
Wharariki Beach; Mahinapua;
Ryan's Creek;
  Scolty Hill; Ettrick marshes;
Great & Little Orme
Beehive & Lake Agnes
Johnson Canyon


  Further 2005 walks
Bako Natl. Park;
Dunham Valley;
Levada del Norte (2);
Cascata do Risco; Cuenca;
Cuidad Encantada; Alarcon
          2005 including
Rudyard; Cannock Chase;
Shining Tor; The Kramer;
 Wamberg; Murnauer Moos;
 Malvern; Kinder; Mam Tor;
Churnet Valley (SCR)
2004 including
Eibsee; Caer Caradoc;
Combes Edge; Cheddleton;
Hartington; Ruabon Mountain;
 Onecote; Northumberland;
Roaches (SCR)
    Further 2004 walks
Bartolome; Sacha Lodge
 Kelike Rice Paddies Further 2003 walks
Keliki Rice Paddies
    2003 including
Ben Lomond; The Wank;
Shining Tor; Lathkildale

1999 Walks
Three Shires head and Shuttlingsloe
Scolty Hill, Banchory
Three Shires Head, 1999
oOo oOo
Walks, 1993
Riessersee with Conny & Stephen
Ettaler Mandl, Osterfelderkopf
Seinskopf, Rötelstein
On the Hausberg, Round the Riessersee
The Flooded Rhine
Riessersee 1993 The Waxenstein, 1993
The Flooded Rhine, 1993

Walks, 1992

Avebury, Murnauer Moos
Eschenlainetal, Kreuzeck
Murnauer Moos, 1992 Pat 1992 Ridgeway, 1991

Ostersee, 1991 from Mittenwald, 1991 Hohe Ziegspitz, 1991

Ostersee 1990 Partnach, 1990

walk 1989 1989 - Nigel & Pat on the Kramer Kreuzeck, 1989

Walks 1988
Cannock Chase with the SCR
Dovedale, Millers Dale
Seekofel, Maurerkopf & Hochalpenkopf
Caer Caradoc, Hartington
Dovedale 1988 Seekofel, 1988 Maurerkopf, 1988

Walks 1987
Kinder Scout, Tissington Trail,
Kinder Downfall
, Puy de Sancy
Windemere, Dartmoor,
Hanley Forest Park, Wrekin
Tissington Trail, 1987 Puy de Sancy, 1987 Iron Bridge, 1987
Walks 1986
Unidentified winter walks
The Neckar & the Weser
Göttingen etc. Sweden
Goslar to Osterode
Lose Hill, The Wrekin

Winter walk, 1986 Lakene 1986
 Walks 1985
Stiperstones, Kinder Scout
Keele, Kinder Scout, Bleaklow
Arches National Park
Colorado River, Grand Canyon
Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon
Trail Ridge, Silver Springs
Dartmoor, Hartington, Cat & Fiddle
Devil's Chair, 1985  Bleaklow, 1985 Arches National Park, Utah, 1985    Grand Canyon, 1985 Zion Canyon, 1985  Bryce Canyon, 1985

  Walks 1984
Buckden Pike, Wharfedale
Cannock Chase, Moel Fanau
Mam Tor, Caer Caradoc, Alton
Poland, Eisriesenwelt, Lichtenstein Klamm
Tauern Kopf, Caeder Idris
Kinder? 1984   Tauern Kopf, 1984
Walks 1983
Shining Tor, Shutlingsloe, Wrekin
Göttingener Wald (2)
Hann-Munden to Göttingen
Osterode am Harz, Bismark Turm
../unclassified/unclassified_1988/1988_03_080t_Visit.htmBad Sooden
Shining Tor, 1983     walks 1983 Further 1983 walks
Hedemunden (Inst. day out)
the Rofan
Neef (The Mosel)
The Wrekin
Dartmoor Letterbox, 1982
Walks in the USA and Canada, 1981 Bandolier National Monument, 1981  Cascade Amphitheatre, 1981
Bandolier                   Cascade Amphitheatre  

   Mount Washburn, 1981  
Mount Washburn

Lake Louise, 1981

Lake Loiuise
Walks 1981
SCR & Chemists
Shropshire Walks
Snowdon, 1981    Dartmoor 1980 Walks, 1980 
Moelwyn Bach, Dartmoor
Walks 1978
Dartmouth Cliff Walk, Dartmoor
Golden Cap, Eggardon Hill
Dartmouth, 1978 St Katherine's Light House, 1979 Walks,1979 
Start Point, Dartmouth Cliff,
Isle of Wight, Forest of Dean,
Walks 1977 
Beer, Hurst Castle, Isle of Wight
Falls of Glomach, The Saddle
The Five Sisters
Beer, 1977Isle of Wight, 1977 Loch Duich 1977 Loch Duich 1977
Merrick and Galloway , 1975
Merrick, Hadrian's Wall
Merrick, 1975 The family on the Dent d'Oche 1974, France,: holiday walks
Dent d'Oche, The Gramont, St Gingolph
Tryfan, 1973 Mum, Tryfan, 1973 Five Sisters summit, 1973
The Ridge of the Five Sisters, 1973
The Five Sisters and the Saddle
The Five Sisters and the Saddle
Five Sisters 1971 The Sadddle, 1971
Down the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, 1960  Slieve League, 1969  Carauntoohil, 1969 1969
Carauntoohil and
Slieve League, Ireland