Movie Clips

Links to clips uploaded to Youtube


2014, Bayreuth

2014; Dresden  
2012; Llandudno
Pat toiling up the great Orme   
The heavy breathing is the cameraman!
(0m 46s)   
2012; Loughborough
          Great Central Railway


   Departure of the lunchtime Elizebethan
(1m 17s)
2011; Kazahkstan


Michael, interviewed on Kazahkstan TV   
(3m 64s)   
2011; At home



Will juggling   
(1m 22s)   
2010; Llandudno
          on the Great Orme


   Pat walking
      First video with the HTC phone
(0m 19s)
2010; Namibia; Etosha
          Nebrowni Water Hole


   The arrival of the thirsty elephants
      Even the ostriches have buzzed off!
(5m 16s)
2010; Botswana; Okavango Delta
   Encounter with an irritated elephant
      May we go home now, please?
(1m 33s)
2010; Botswana; Okavango Delta


Sunset canoe cruise   
(1m 35s)   
2008; Düsseldorf


   Timmy playing the piano
(3m 6s)
2008; Düsseldorf


Sarah playing the flute   
(2m 00s)   

Cameras: Canon Powershot 210 IS (from 2010); Canon Ixus 850 IS (earlier)