Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations

The “Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations” (IGACO) theme is a component of the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS) partnership; it was approved as the fourth theme of IGOS in June 2001, following those for the Ocean, the Global Water Cycle, and the Global Carbon Cycle. An expert team was convened to formulate a plan in 2002 and produced the IGACO Theme report in September 2004.

The proposal is to create an observation system for the Earth's atmosphere by extending and improving the current measurement capabilities and integrating them together using modelling techniques to provide pictures of the atmospheric composition on both short and long time scales.

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The IGACO Theme Report



Len Barrie (WMO), Peter Borrell (P&PMB Consultants) & Joerg Langen, ESA-ESTEC


  September 2004