Our aim

To help provide sound scientific support for the development of environmental policy for the troposphere.

What we can do

We undertake work on tropospheric chemistry, air pollution involving ozone and other photo-oxidants, as well as atmospheric acidification, eutrophication and nutrification.

The sorts of tasks that we do in the field are as follows. Much of our experience was gained in the co-ordination of the EUREKA environmental project EUROTRAC where we helped bring the first phase to a most successful conclusion and established the ongoing second phase. Since then we have helped with the coordination of the project TROPOSAT, to encourage the use of satellite data in tropospheric chemistry, work which continued with the project ACCENT-Troposat-2 (AT2). Our overall interest in atmsopheric chemistry was enhanced by assisting with the coordination of the project ACCENT-T&TP, and with an evaluation of models for Defra..

Our clients include