Research Apparatus, 1956 to 1989

AERE, Harwell
1951 to 1953

Building 220, under construction in 1949
The alpha, plutonium, wing, is on the left

a 1960 picture

Cambridge, 1956 to 1959

The Old Lab., Free School Lane

2008 image; the lab moved out in 1958

The Perse room, 2008 picture
the library in my day!

The old searchlight, for photochemistry

The apparatus for sample preparation and gas analysis
Notice the home made GC columns

Gas handling
all hand blown

The Lensfield Road Laboratory; moved in in 1958
2011 image

Comemoration of the opening in 1959 ...
2011 picture

... by The Princess Margaret

Professors Emeleus, Norrish and Todd

My lab in 2011 - much modernised!

Princeton, 1959 to 1961
no lab. pictures

Keele, 1961 to 1988
no early pictures

Cornell University, 1964 (3 months)

Single-Pulse Shock Tube, with Bill Watt who built it.

Article in Chem. Eng, News

Keele 1961 to 1988 (continued)

1965: The first shock tube
iat the end of a teaching lab.
built by Ron Gutteridge

1969: Two photochemical rigs, with Albert Platt

1970: The rebuilt shock tube (Geoff Millward)

1964 (6 months)
The ACO Synchrotron Radiation Source in Orsay

The Linear Accelerator to inject electrons into the Ring

The Ring control room with Paul-Marie Guyon

Paul Marie with Ricardo Lopez-Delgardo

The radiation emerging from a window

The radiation channel, and spectrometer

in operation

Keele 1961 to 1988 (continued)

The Keele laboratories

1975: Part of the Discharge Flow - Shock Tube
built by Mike Pedley and Patricia

Looking down the tube
with high pressure gas handling, low pressure, electronics and measurment sections

The low pressure gas handling

The measurement section

Pat's PhD thesis celebration cake complete with an oxygen potential energy diagram

Diagram of the Discharge flow - shock tube as used with nitrogen

The glow

The flash from the shock at the end of the tube

Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source, 1985

The Daresbury Synchrotron Ring

Andy Hopkirk, in the control room

The Work Station

Andy, servicing the station

Patricia with the apparatus Andy Hopkirk constructed

with Nathan Rich

1988: Laser Loan, with Derek Laine
trying to get a spectrum of singlet molecular oxygen

Apparatus bulit by Pat in the basement of IFU, Garmisch - Partenkirchen, to study the effects of singlet oxygen on fabrics

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