Christmas Newsletters
1984 to the present

 Annual accounts for family and friends of our lives and activities

    Letter    Highlights and Links    
    1984    Michael's graduation; Stephen starts work;
Florida; Tignes; Silver wedding party,
Boating with Eric to Brittany; to Czechoslovakia, Miner's Strike
    1985    The boys at work; Sc.D celebration;
Boating with Eric to Scotland; Holday in Utah;
Colorado and California; new VC
    1986    The boys travelling at work;
our six months leave in Göttingen,
    1987    Birth and Christening of Fiona; Meribel; Mike and Nicky's Wedding
France & Boating on the Canal du Burgogne; Aachen, Moving House
    1988    Fiona; Preparations to leave Keele; Tignes;
Paris; Glasgow, Buxton
    1989    Life and work in Garmisch, Stephen to Germany,
Mike on the North Sea; EUROTRAC;
events in the East
    1990    Births of Felicity and William;
EUROTRAC Symposium;
Oberammergau; Val Torens, Andalucia
    1991    The family at Pat's Parent's Diamond Wedding
Death of Uncle Henry
Cycling to Vienna; boating on the Canal du Midi
    1992    Birth of James; Stephen & Conny's engagement;
EUROTRAC Symposium
Cycling down the Isar, Boating in Germany
Changes in East Germany
    1993    Stephen & Conny's Marriage;
Ted's Golden Wedding
Michael to Paris; Boating in Holland;
    1994    Death of Pat's Father; Births of Sarah and Charlie
Winter Olympics in Norway; Japan;
Refereeing a field campaign; Bosnia
    1995    Skiing in Cervinia    
    1996    Death of Pat's Mother; Friends visits;
Skiing in Cervinia with excitments;
Boating in Ireland with Anne & Bill;
EUROTRAC Symposium
    1997    Birth of Timmy; Paul in the Far East;
Mike in Torphins;Skiing in Serre Chevalier;
Cretian holiday; Tennesee & Toronto;
All change in Garmisch; The Car Fire
    1998    Duesseldorf Christening; 40th Wedding Anniversary;
Sicily; South Africa; boating on the Canal du Midi;
EUROTRAC Symposium; Working in Munich;
impending retirement
    1999    Retirement and more work; Visits to the family;
Naples and the Amalfi Coast; boating in Ireland with Anne & Bill;
skiing in Colorado;
    2000    Michael to Argentina & a visit; skiing in Deux Alpes;
SW USA; boating on the North Atlantic, the Beagle Channel, Lake Powell & Llangollen;
Start of TROPOSAT; operas
    2001    Thinking about returning; workshops;
Hochgurgl, skiing; NW USA, Canada and Alaska; Argentina & the Peninsular Valdez; operas
    2002    Return to England; re-modelling the garden;
skiing in Hochgurgl and in Saas Fee with Stephen; visiting Mike in Argentina; the Bremen Space Night; operas
    2003   Ted's Diamond Wedding; Michael to Indonesia;
A Chemists' Golden Reunion;
Pat's Community Transport; the Hospice Appeal; Projects with ESA and the WMO;
Operas, and the Ring in Glasgow, with Ben Lomond 
    2004    Will at Malvern & the girls at School;
Buxton and operas; skiing and injury;
Coordination projects, and the Appeal;
Holiday in the Galapagos and in the Rain Forest
Boating in Ireland with Anne & Bill;
    2005    70th Birthday Parties; Fiona to Uni.;
holiday in Borneo, Indonesia and elsewhere;
work and opera; Sudoku
    2006    Michael to Calgary; Stephen in the Far East;
Felicity's horse;visiting Peter's brothers;
Extended holiday in New Zealand;
Coordination; the opera frenzy
    2007    Grandchildren at home and Uni;
Coordination for DEFRA and ACCENT;
Skiing in Hochgurgl; European Motor Tour;
Calgary visit; Opera; the IPCC
    2008    Golden Wedding in Cambridge and Garmisch;
Skiing in Hochgurgl; Holiday in Jordan;
Friend's Birthdays; Operas; Coordination
    2009    Deaths of Anne & Bill; Pat's cancer
Fiona's first class honours and Felicity at Uni;
Mike moving up in Total; skiing in Hochgurgl; Archeological holiday in Egypt; opera
    2010    Death of Doreen; Requiem for Bill and Anne;
The boys at work; Our Final Book;
Holiday in Botswana and Namibia; opera and walks
    2011    Stoke and the family at Wembley;
Opera in Bayreuth (& elsewhere);
Boating in Ireland; holiday in Albania;
active grandchildren; pitfalls of insurance premiums;
the new car and skiing in Hochgurgl
    2012   Brenda's death and Horus the Hawk;
Opera Festivals; The Ring in Munich;
Visits from Stephen's family; Mike's Bristol house;
Felicity graduates;
    2013   Potential mortality; walks; visits;
Elderly friends; operas; Russian Cruise;
Skiing and the Belgians; the family; activities
    2014   Elves and the Ring
Wagner's Ring in Bayreuth and Birmingham
operas, concerts, skiing, boating
activities, walking, the family, Death of Ivy
    2015   Fiona & Adam's Wedding
80th Birthday Parties for Peter & Patricia
operas, concerts, skiing, boating
activities, walking, the family, President of Probus
Michael in the Yamal Peninsular
    2016   Michael's Investiture, TIA, Walks
Balloon Ride, Operas
Pat's Eyesight, The family
Current events, The Web Page
2017 Visits to Frank & to Kath Glover,Ted's Death
Health, Walks, Scottish Cruise, Operas
Activities, Visits, the Family
The End of Skiing