Tributes to Anne & Bill

2009, 2010 and 2011

Bill & Anne, 1992
 The funeral
November 30th 2009
Tributes from

     James's to his parents

     Edward's to his grandparents

     Peter's to his sister & brother-in law
Anne & Bill's funeral
Pictures from the family reception

Anne & Bill 1949
Celebration of their Lives
January 9th 2010

Tributes from

    Tom Noble

     Robert Northridge

     Billy Dixon

     John Maxwell

     Eric Bullick


Anne & Bill Celebration, speakers
Some pictures of the occasion
Anne & Bill, 2004
Topped Mountain
Scattering their Ashes
Topped Mountin, scattering the ashes
Pictures from Topped Mountain

Anne & Bill, BBCThe Wider World
News Bulletins & Obituaries

Reports & Interviews

     The Report from the BBC web site,
                         26th November 2009

       James's interview on BBC TV,
                                  26th November 2009

       Fermanagh  Herald web site,
                              13th January 2010

      Impartial Reporter web site,  
                               14th January 2010

        Impartial Reporter published account,  
                               14th January 2010

                      kindly supplied by Rodney Edwards


       The Independent, 7th January 2010

       The Daily Express, 4th January 2010

Inquest Reports  
            September 2011

Anne & Bill

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