1961: the Voyage Home
on the Flandre

See also: Living in Princeton, Visits from Princeton, Crossing the Continent

Packing at Princeton

Possibly Ben Meyers helping

On the Quayside at New York
with John Bohemen and his wife who took us.

The Flandre

Undocking the Flandre

emerging into the Hudson

The Alice Moran, one of the three tugs

The Cunard Quay with the Mauretania

The US Lines Quay with the Empire State Building

At sea

A threatening sunrise

at sea

Stephen, partying on the Gala Night

approaching the Isle of Wight

the Mauretania, last seen in New York

The Mauretania and the Queen Elizebeth

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Image:Edixa camera, Ektachrome slides, scanned; reduction: Photothumb