Living in Princeton, 1959, 1960 & 1961

See also: Visits from Princeton, Crossing the Continent, The Voyage Home

120 Prospect, Princeton

...and outside

Paul in pushchair

Paul, aged one year
Early 1960

120 Prospect Avenue
our first floor home

out on the sports field

Lake Carnegie, Princeton

The Oldsmobile
iin the Lebanon State Forest

Delaware River

The Atlantic Ocean
New Jersey Shore

...and Josila running

...Jean Paul can stand up too

On a frozen lake
in New York State

The Lebanon State Forest

Pennsylvania Hills

Lake Carnegie

Paul with Jean-Paul and Josila

The three playmates

Paul and Josila trying to sledge

Paul and Jean-Paul making sandcastles

...but it's my dinner

Paul with Josila and Tomoko

...and Paul is learning to read

Lebanon State Forest

Magnolias in the Battlefield
Park, April 1960

Delaware River

with Keith & Alice Chambers

on the beach

Lebanon State Forest

parenting was not the word then!

with Pat's Mum

Princeton University
Cleveland Tower

New York; Chrysler Building
from the Empire State Building

On top of the Empire State Building

The Queen Elizebeth
New York
saying goodbye to Pat's Mum

on deck

Funnels of the United States behind

Queen Mary (arrival boat)

The Atlantic Coast
Island Beach State Park

the beloved Kiddy Car-Go

Prospect Avenue, Princeton
in the aftermath of ...

...Hurrican Donna
September 1960

Boy Scouts of America
Scouter's Camp

Lackawana Railroad
Delaware Water Gap

December snow

January snow

The Lebanon State Forest ...


... awaiting Stephen

Paul on his new tricycle

Stephen Charles is born
5th April 1961

One day old
in Princeton Hospital

Stephen at a day old

...and home at Prospect Avenue
with Paul

--- so peaceful

Stephen, ten days old
April 1961

Paul and Stephen

The Princeton Alumni "P-rade"
Outside our appartment
April 1961

The Jubilee Group with their children

Paul with Josila

Observers from Prospect Apartments
Stan Kelly (left); Josila's parents (sitting)

Princeon Battlefield Park with Josila

Magnolia time
May 1961

Peter with Stephen and Paul
at Battlefield Park, Princeton

The Battlefield Park

Mum with her family
Paul and Stephen

Stephen's first outing

Princeton University Campus
Cleveland Tower

The Chapel

Whig and Cleo

Nassau Hall

The back of Nassau Hall

Lockhart from Blair Arch

Blair Arch

Prospect Avenue flooded
August 1961

The American Dream
a house in Levittown NJ, 1961

Bayonne Bridge: K-trusses

The end: selling the car
September 1961

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Image:Edixa camera, Ektachrome slides, scanned; reduction: Photothumb