Visits from Princeton, 1960 & 1961

See also: Crossing the Continent, Living in Princeton, The Voyage Home

Washington DC
May 1960

in Pennsylvania


in Luray caverns


Washington Monument
from the Lincoln Memorial

the Lincoln Memorial

from the Washington Monument

Washingtom Monument
from the Capitol

Side of the Capitol

Supreme Court

in Delaware

Niagara Falls
May 1960

On the way

... with Pat's ...

... Mum

Having a picnic

A stop in the woods a canal

Arriving at our motel

...and enjoying the fresh air

A first glimpse of
Niagora Falls

Magnolia blossoms

Niagara Gorge
rebuilding a power station

The Whirlpool

Over the pool

beneath the falls

Canadian Falls

above the Canadian Falls

The American falls

Trip down for the parents

Another trip to get wet!

up river

En route to Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen
June 1960

September 1960

The Parliament Buildings

New York
September 1960

Views from the Empire State Building

Lower Manhattan & the Statue of Liberty

United Nations Building

The Hudson River
September 1960

Peter to Washington
February 1961

Pennsylvania Railroad

The White House

Pennsylvania Avenue

On the way to Chicago
May 1961

The Erie Canal
The Martian

Lake Erie

Holland, Michigan

Lake Michigan

Chicago skyline

Statue of Liberty
June 1961

The Manhattan skyline


Returning from Fredricton
July 1961
Fredricton pictures missing

Pause in Maine

Motorway in New Hampshire

Trip to Canada
September 1961

Stop on the New York Thruway

American Trucks
much bigger than in Europe

Stephen at Niagara Falls


Toronto with the Gittins
John, Jean's mother, Pat and Stephen, Cathy and Jean

with Paul and me

Cathy Gittins

from Mount Royal

a wet ride

Canadian trip but unknown

Canadian trip but unknown

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Image:Edixa camera, Ektachrome slides, scanned; reduction: Photothumb